A traveler is following a series of strange green lights, when suddenly they stop and form Morrigan. The guy says he's lost and was following the light, but Morrigan just made him come to her so she could have his soul. It has been so long since she had the opportunity to feed on the soul of a strong man.

However before she gets a chance to finish the traveler, Donovan Baine appears. Donovan refers to himself as the "Dark Hunter" and says that he wants nothing less than Morrigan's total destruction. He uses his sword to send out an energy blast and the two start to fight. Donovan's mastery allows him to call forth spirits to help him in battle and he uses one to freeze Morrigan.

However Morrigan is strong enough to free herself from the ice and she then sends a large chunk of it towards Donovan. He hacks it apart with his sword but by the time he has finished doing so, Morrigan is nowhere to be seen. Since his sword has tasted her aura, it can tell him where she went. Donovan swears that their will be a reckoning.

Meanwhile, Felicia and Harry are on a jet which is heading to London. Harry found out about something called the "Black Dragon Ring" -something which apparently belonged to Elijah Grimoire. In an old book Harry found, there was a picture of this ring which Elijah Grimoire drew and it looks identical to one on display in the British Museum. According to Elijah's notes, this ring is the key to enlightenment for any Grimoire who seeks the path of magic. Which is certainly something Harry needs.

Morrigan returns to a cave which is populated by bats. She can speak to these and one of them suggests that she asks Demitri for help in defeating Donovan. She hates this idea and says she can take a mere human by herself, he just took her by surprise first time round. But then he was quite powerful...Morrigan decides she needs a magical boost and the bat suggests something to her. The "Blood Ring" -a ring used by her ancestors -is just what she needs. And she knows where it currently is: in the British Museum. Later on, at the museum...

...Harry is ecstatic to find the ring and he thinks they should try and find out who is in charge here so he can get it. However Felicia points out that the powers that be aren't going to just hand over an ancient artifact to some American kid. She says that she has seen everything she needs to see and they'll have to come back later. As night time settles in, Morrigan arrives in England.

Felicia wants to go into the museum and take the ring. Harry isn't cool with this as he thinks it is stealing, but Felicia tells him to just think of it as taking something back that belongs to him anyway. The two of them then seen a magical barrier around part of the museum -Felicia explains that this barrier makes it impossible for humans to know anything going on within it, but it also means someone else is interested in the museum. The two get inside and Felicia warns Harry that this could be dangerous. If anything happens to her, he needs to run.

They hear a noise and run into a room only to find Morrigan standing over a smashed case full of rings! Felicia attacks her whilst telling Harry to grab the ring they need, but one of Morrigan's projectiles hits the case and scatters all the rings inside it everywhere. Felicia tries to buy Harry more time but she gets taken out by one of Morrigan's high kicks.

Morrigan sees Harry picking up the ring she wants and blasts him, but Felicia gets in the way. Felicia says she is too weak to keep her form up and she transforms into a small cat. Morrigan gets the ring and says that to activate it, she needs the blood of a Darkstalker. Seeing how Felicia is here, she'll do just fine. As Morrigan captures her, Harry desperately tries to help by using his powers, but all he does is start to float around uselessly.

Morrigan blasts him but her projectile is stopped thanks to Donovan. Morrigan is surprised to see him again but he tells her he can hunt her down to the ends of the Earth. Morrigan teleports away with Felicia whilst warning Donovan that the next time they meet, she will be the hunter. Donovan and Harry talk to each other and Donovan explains that Morrigan is a succubus, a creature which takes the life energy of men to add to her own.

Harry wants to save Felicia but Donovan says that he wants to kill her! He says that all Darkstalkers are evil. Harry tries to convince him that some are good but he just tells him not to fear, he will use his spell sword to track down where Morrigan went. Harry thinks he is weird but he then finds the ring he came here for in the first place. Donovan finds out where he needs to go and uses his powers to create a warp. Harry tries to use his powers but nothing happens and he's mad because it seems the ring doesn't do anything.

He then sees Donovan walk into the warp and vanish. Not wanting to be left behind, Harry jumps through just before it closes. Meanwhile, Morrigan has returned to a hill somewhere in Glastonbury. She tells Felicia that this place was where the legendary King Arthur was meant to have been buried near this hill and it is a site of mystical power. The perfect place for their ritual!

However she doesn't like the castle on the hill and actually finds it offensive. She uses her soul fist projectile move to make it crumble. Morrigan creates a dagger and says that Pyron ordered her to bring him all the other Darkstalkers, but she needs the blood of one to get the power of the ring. So she doesn't mind killing Felicia now as it means she'll become invincible.

However before she can do anything, Donovan and Harry arrive. Donovan didn't want Harry to follow him and tells him to stay out of sight. He then fights against Morrigan and unleashes a huge power wave with his sword then stuns Morrigan. The spell she had on Felicia is broken and Felicia quickly turns back to her human form.

She is glad to see Harry and says he has done well to get the ring, but she wants to know who the hunk fighting Morrigan is. Harry tells her his name but she leaps off to help him before he can warn her that Donovan hates all Darkstalkers. As he blasts Morrigan, he sees Felicia and takes her down. Harry stops him from killing her but Donovan warns him that these creatures cannot be trusted.

Morrigan gets up after being blasted across the place to find that one of her fingers is bleeding. Deciding to use her own blood, she puts the ring on the wound and something starts to happen. Donovan finally stops trying to kill Felicia when he turns around and sees that Morrigan has summoned the spirit of Morgan LaFey, one of her ancestors. Morrigan asks her for help in destroying her enemies, but Morgan wants to know where her greatest enemy is: Merlin.

Morrigan happily tells her ancestor that Merlin has been dead for centuries and the only ones who stand against them now are the three over there. Morgan gives Morrigan her powers and she uses them to send Donovan crashing into a rock.

Felicia doesn't fare much better when she tries to attack. Harry says he won't let her hurt them but Morrigan just laughs and asks what he intends to do. But then another spirit shows up: Merlin! Merlin says that Harry's courage has awakened him but also tells him that the Black Dragon ring actually has no power -the power is within Harry himself!

Merlin tells Harry to watch as he blasts Morgan. Both Morrigan and her ancestor are put into pain, but Morgan eventually melts and then disappears. Morrigan collapses and the Blood ring vanishes from her finger. Merlin tells Harry never to stray from the path of truth and his power will never fail him. Merlin then fades away.

Morrigan gets up and says that she had no idea Harry was related to Merlin, and says that she can teach him magic and that they could both become much stronger. Harry refuses to believe her of course and with Donovan and Felicia about to finish her off, she calls out to Demitri who beams her up to Pyron's ship. After she departs, the castle she destroyed magically rebuilds itself.

Donovan says it's not over yet and attempts to kill Felicia, but Harry stops him and tells him for the last time that she is his friend. Donovan respects Harry's wishes and says that he will let Felicia live for now, but the next time they meet it may be different. Donovan then bids farewell and teleports out of there.

Felicia and Harry then head for home discussing how much of a jerk Donovan is and how Harry's power is already inside him. Meanwhile, on Pyron's ship, Morrigan looks glumly out of a window.

Demitri appears and asks her what could have been possibly so dangerous that it made her ask for help from him. Morrigan says they now have two problems. The first is the fact that the boy Felicia hangs around with is related to Merlin. Demitri laughs and asks if she is afraid of a mere human boy, but she mentions the second problem: the dark hunter known as Donovan Baine. Demitri asks her if she is sure about Donovan but she just wonders if he is afraid of the dark hunter, who is also a "mere human". Demitri nervously says he fears no-one.


Donovan's name is spelt incorrectly in the episode title.

This episode has the smallest regular cast size of the whole series, with only four main characters showing up: Felicia, Harry, Morrigan and Demitri.

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