Pyron, a God who collects planets, heads to Earth in his massive spaceship. His ships computer, who happens to just be called Ship, tells him that they have arrived here undetected. Pyron isn't happy though because when they were last here -some 4,000 years a go -there were many different and intelligent races and they all looked to him as a God, as they should. But now this planet has billions of people on it and Pyron thinks the inhabitants of Earth are common, grubby little beings with no powers or not useful mutations.

Seeking to balance things, Pyron decides to try and find some of the old races and get them to help him. The first one on his list is Demitri. Demitri Maximoff is a vampire who lives in a small castle in the mountains. Pyron's ship has some kind of magic beam that can find people like Demitri and soon the vampire lord starts to be beamed up.

Demitri isn't happy though because as he travels up the beam, he is exposed to sunlight, something he can't stand. When he arrives in Pyron's spaceship, he demands to know what is going on. Pyron tells him that he must serve him as he is his new master. Demitri responds with a fireball.

The two briefly fight but it is clear Pyron is much stronger than him and Demitri eventually gets pinned down by his opponent's energy beams. Demitri agrees to serve Pyron as his new master then explains that they must reclaim the Earth and make the humans serve them again. Demitri initially scoffs at this idea, saying that humans are weak and worthless, but Pyron reminds him that it is part of the order of things: humans serve the old races, the old races serve Pyron. When the balance is restored, Pyron says nothing can stop him and offers Demitri whatever he wants. Demitri is more than happy to help.

Somewhere in Scotland, a Succubus called Morrigan is released from her tomb and beamed up to Pyron's ship. As soon as she sees Demitri she gets angry as the two have apparently clashed before. Morrigan says she should have destroyed him the last time they met and two resume their hostilities.

Pyron has to break them up and tells them to stop acting so primitive. He makes Morrigan Demitri's second in command, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. Pyron makes it clear who is in charge here and the search for the Darkstalkers continues. Somewhere in the countryside, a werewolf called Jon Talbain is hunting a deer, but before he gets a chance to kill it the beam hits him and Demitri tells him to join up with them.

Talbain would rather not do that and he manages to break free from the beam and run off. Demitri tries to find him but he heads into a cave. Giving up on him, Demitri instead heads to Egypt and uses the beam to bring something out of the ground.

Soon a giant pyramid is put in the middle of the city and Anakaris, a mummy, appears. He is awakened and is beamed up to the ship but instantly starts worshipping a TV screen and complaining about lizards in his pants. This pretty much sums up what Anakaris is like throughout the rest of this series: stupid. Morrigan states that she thinks he's been in that pyramid for a bit too long.

Japan is the next place Demitri visits. A monk is about to ring a bell when suddenly the bell shatters and reveals Bishamon, who instantly awakens and says that he is still cursed. He is then beamed up to the ship.

Somewhere out in a barren desert wasteland, a crashed plane rests. The beam hits this plane and soon reveals Lord Raptor, a punk rocker who died but is now back as a zombie. He still has his guitar and starts to thank his audience when he realises that nobody is there and that he's been dead for 30 years. He is beamed up as Pyron then states that it's now time to hunt out the difficult ones.

Pyron and his new crew head towards a movie studio. Somewhere inside the place is Victor, a Frankenstein's monster type creature who apparently has been used only as a movie prop for who knows how long.

The beam hits him and Victor is re-activated. Demitri contacts him and says that he is needed -they have a world to win! However Victor has no interest and says that he wants to be left alone. He throws a suit of armor into the beam and the ship takes that up instead of him. Victor says that he doesn't belong here.

Deep under the sea, Rikou, a merman, is wondering about his life. He believes he is the last of his kind and that he will never have a Queen to share his palace with. Then Demitri shows up in hologram form and demands that he joins him. Rikou instantly refuses, saying that Demitri is a monster and an enemy of all life.

Rikou swims away as the beam chases after him, but he loses it by swimming through the wreckage of a sunken ship. Demitri is irritated that he has lost another Darkstalker but he then heads towards a village populated by Bigfoot creatures.

At the village, the leader of the place, Bigfoot, stands on guard with a younger member of the tribe called Hairball. They somehow know about what Pyron and Demitri are doing and when they see the beam, they alert the entire village. The Bigfoots stop the throwing snow at it!

Demitri stops the beam when the snow travels through it and hits them. Morrigan suggests they destroy the village, something Demitri is quick to agree with, but Pyron forbids it. He tells the pair that they need to bend the Darkstalkers to their will, then they can teach the humans their places. Meanwhile, somewhere in New York... Felicia has failed to get a part in a musical and as she heads home, she thinks that her showbiz career might have been a mad move. Suddenly the beam hits her but she escapes from it by grabbing onto a passing truck. The beam follows as Demitri appears behind her, saying that she should come with them.

She ignores him and leaps off the truck, whilst starting to say something about "getting to the sorcerer". The beam follows her but she avoids it by transforming herself into a very small white cat. As Demitri continues to use the beam, Felicia is found by a young boy.

Back on Pyron's spaceship, Morrigan thinks that they don't need any of the other Darkstalkers and that just herself and Demitri can do everything they want, but Demitri decides to stick with Pyron's plan. He also mentions that there is a human who is meant to be a powerful sorcerer. Apparently he knows that Felicia was near his home when he lost sight of her. But if he can find this sorcerer, he should also find Felicia. Meanwhile the kid who found Felicia is shocked...

...when he finds out the small cat is actually a cat-lady! She says she wants to see Elijah Grimoire but she finds out that he has been dead for a long time. The house she is in now has been the home of the Grimoire family for many generations. He introduces himself as Harry Grimoire. Felicia decides to tell him what has happened and how Demitri wants her help to take over the world or something, but Harry doesn't believe her claims. He tells her he's got school now so she'll have to leave.

However what convinces him that Felicia isn't making stuff up is when Demitri appears. Demitri refers to Harry as Elijah and says that if he hands over the girl, he might let him live. He tries to use the beam again but Felicia grabs Harry and seemingly uses him as a battering ram to smash through a window and get outside the house. The two of them make a run for it.

With his crew complete for now, Pyron makes his new forces swear loyalty to him, which they all do. Meanwhile, Rikou and the Bigfoot tribe meet up and agree to help each other fight Pyron when the time comes.

Victor hitches a ride home on a truck and he is soon at his castle. He knocks on the door and believes that the guy who answers is Igor, a servant of his father. However this servant's name is actually Klaus and he says Igor was his great, great grandfather. His family have served Victor's family for generations. Klaus takes Victor to meet his father, who is rather dead, but Victor still seems very happy to see him.

Felicia takes Harry back to her apartment but she tells him he should go back home. He says he wants to help her fight evil and stuff but as she goes to get something out of the fridge, she says he can't help her. But as she turns around, she sees that he is floating! She realises that he really is part of the Grimoire bloodline.


In the games, Bigfoot is called Sasquatch.

Lord Raptor crashed in 1970 and when he is resurrected, he realises 30 years have passed. So therefore this series takes place in the year 2000.

Klaus is not actually named in this episode. His name is finally spoken in "The Game".

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