Pyron's spaceship orbits the Earth and inside it Morrigan watches a report on TV. The report says that they have a video of the legendary Bigfoot creature and as it is played, Morrigan wonders why the humans are able to find the other Darkstalkers, but Demitri can't.

Demitri says that finding Darkstalkers is easy and he gets Ship to display locations of all the known ones on Earth. Whilst they can find them, getting them to join Pyron's cause is the problem. Morrigan comments that there don't seem to be many Darkstalkers left on the Earth and perhaps someone is hunting them. Demitri refuses to believe that as he thinks that Darkstalkers are to strong for any human to be able to take them down. Meanwhile back on Earth, a werewolf who looks an awful lot like Talbain (but it isn't him) walks across a beach.

This werewolf stops when a woman in red appears. She says he has committed crimes against has been found guilty of crimes against humankind, and the werewolf replies that he does as he pleases. She says that she is here to end his life. The next morning, at Harry's house...

...Felicia visits Harry, who has some important news for her. He was checking something out on the Internet about the CEO of some company being attacked in South Africa. Harry says that there are no wild animals there and that it is most likely another werewolf Darkstalker that they have to find. Felicia isn't sure at first but eventually agrees and says that she'll ask Rikou to take a look.

Back on the spaceship Morrigan notes how another Darkstalker has gone and says that someone must be hunting them out. Demitri says he'll get someone to check it out. Meanwhile, Raptor is on the phone to Herv saying how awful this world tour he got him is, with only twelve tickets sold for last night's concert. Then Demitri's head pops up in hologram form and orders him to check out the area where the new Darkstalker was last seen. With nothing better to do, Raptor agrees to do so.

Later on Raptor walks across a beach but he thinks he won't find anything out here and is probably on a wild goose chase. However he then sees someone meditating and finds out her name is Hsien-Ko...a hunter of evil! Raptor laughs and says she's found evil before blasting her with his guitar.

Hsien-Ko takes a hit but as Raptor stands over her, he starts to say how he's got her. She kicks him in the chest to knock him back and then shows that she has the power to change her hands into weapons.

She uses a chainsaw to break Raptor's guitar in half and then demands to know who it was who sent him. Raptor refuses to say anything and continues to fight her instead, but then Rikou walks out of the ocean and tells them to stop.

Hsien-Ko believes Rikou is on the same side as Raptor. He tries to tell her that he isn't and that he refused to join them when they asked him, but Hsien-Ko doesn't believe him -although he is strangely attractive for a fish-man. She says she has hunted evil for a century and she can take them both on and walks into the water. Rikou avoids her attack and leaps over her only to see Raptor wanting to fight him. He blows some kind of gas all over him and he can't stand the stink, so he runs off and escapes by leaping into the ocean.

Hsien-Ko says that she is a spirit ghost and has no need to breathe, so the attack that got rid of Raptor won't work on her. Raptor gets back out of the water and tries to fight Hsien-Ko again but gets knocked back. Before she can kill him, he is beamed back up to Pyron's ship and as he moves up the beam, he shouts Demitri's name, a name Hsien-Ko recognises. She continues her fight with Rikou and charges at him, but Rikou makes himself fat for a couple of seconds so she just bounces off.

He then traps her in a bubble so he can explain that he isn't evil and came here because there was a chance of another Darkstalker being around. Hsien-Ko tells him there was -it was the CEO of that company who was reported to be dead in the news. He was a Darkstalker who had hurt and killed people for decades, but she killed him last night for the lady. Rikou asks who this lady is and Hsien-Ko tells him of her past.

Centuries a go, Demitri visited Hsien-Ko's homeland. She and her sister, Mei-Ling, were only 12 when he appeared for the first time. Their father welcome Demitri but soon after this Hsien-Ko noticed that their mother had gone. Her father told her that she had gone to visit relatives but Hsien-Ko didn't believe this. 6 years later, Demitri visited them again.

Hsien-Ko woke up after hearing a noise and found Demitri in their front room whilst her father had gone. Mei-Ling came out to see what her sister was doing out of bed but then both of them had to run as Demitri wanted them. They ran outside but Demitri eventually caught Mei-Ling. Mei-Ling told Hsien-Ko to run so she did. That was the last time Hsien-Ko ever saw her sister.

In the years that followed, Hsien-Ko was afraid to return to her home town as she thought Demitri would find her. Instead, she just traveled around begging for food. One day she came across an old temple and went inside it. She found a small pot full of what she thought was rice and because she was so hungry, she ate it.

However what was in the pot wasn't rice, but an ancient powder made of topaz. After eating it Hsien-Ko collapsed but looked up to see that Guanyin, the lady of mercy, had appeared before her. Hsien-Ko was transformed into what she is today. Guanyin said she was no longer human, but an immortal. She made Hsien-Ko become her hunter, so she could hunt down people like Demitri who prey on her children. Back in the present, Hsien-Ko wraps her story up by saying that one day she will find Demitri so she can avenge her sister.

Back on Pyron's ship, Demitri shouts at Raptor for his incompetence. He slinks off to fix his guitar whilst Morrigan thinks Demitri was stupid to send Raptor in the first place. Demitri tells her that she can go down to fight this hunter, something Morrigan is willing to do as she thinks she is more than a match for a mere human. She is beamed down to Earth.

Morrigan doesn't want to fight on the beach so she sends an energy bolt down to where Hsien-Ko and Rikou are. Rikou explains that the Darkstalker who just attacked them is Morrigan and she is a sorceror as well as a Darkstalker. Since Hsien-Ko can fly, she uses this ability to go straight up to where Morrigan is whilst Rikou has to walk it. Morrigan uses her energy to create a sword and engages Hsien-Ko in battle.

Hsien-Ko eventually manages to pin her down. She asks if Morrigan knows where Demitri is, and makes a deal with her: She will let Morrigan live as long as she calls Demitri down so Hsien-Ko can fight him. Morrigan agrees to this and gets Demitri to beam down. She tells him that this hunter wasn't who they thought it was and that she actually wants to join their cause.

Demitri meets Hsien-Ko but he remembers her from all those years a go and puts her into a trance. He wants to feast on her as he did to her sister, but before he can do anything Rikou shows up and tells Hsien-Ko to get away from Demitri. Demitri breaks his trance spell so he can tell Morrigan to deal with the fish man, but in doing so he gives Hsien-Ko the chance to recover. She says he won't be able to do the horrible things that he did to her family to anyone else.

They start to fight each other. Meanwhile Rikou uses a very conveniently placed fountain to take Morrigan down.

Demitri picks Hsien-Ko up by her throat and tells her that she is now his, just as her mother, father and sister were. She kicks him back and tells him to never speak of them again and that she will make sure he cannot hurt anyone else. She starts to use a spinning move and heads towards Demitri.

Demitri moves out of the way but doesn't quite make it, losing most of his hair in the process. He then starts to charge up one of the biggest fireballs ever but just before he can unleash it, he stops. The sun has started to rise.

Demitri cannot stand sunlight and he creates a coffin he can get into. He does so but then Rikou grabs Morrigan and tells Hsien-Ko to kill her. Hsien-Ko refuses, as she promised Morrigan her life if she got Demitri to her, which she did. Rikou says that he made no promise and is going to end Morrigan's life himself...

...but then she is beamed up to Pyron's spaceship. The coffin also gets beamed up and Hsien-Ko tries to stop it, but she bounces off the beam. She thinks she has failed but Rikou tells her there will be other chances to stop Demitri and that she has done a lot of good by hunting down evil. The lady of mercy then appears to also personally tell her that she has done well. Hsien-Ko thanks her, as does Rikou. Guanyin says that even though Rikou isn't human, he is still one of her children.

Guanyin vanishes and Hsien-Ko tells Rikou that if she needs him, he just needs to call. She will find him. She then flies away and Rikou can't wait to tell Felicia about this. Later on Felicia and Harry talk about Hsien-Ko. She now only hunts the evil Darkstalkers thanks to Rikou, something Felicia is glad about because the last thing they need is a second Donovan to watch out for. Harry wishes he could have met her and Felicia says they probably will soon.

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