Harry is using his powers to try and contact Felicia but is interupted when his mom tells him a package has arrived with his name on it. The mail man takes it into his room then leaves, as the box suddenly starts to shake and then fall over. Hairball, a.k.a. Bigfoot's nephew, appears out of it.

Hairball instantly starts running around looking at things in Harry's room and knocking stuff over by accident whilst saying he's mailed himself here because he wants to see some action as the rest of the tribe he's in back home don't take him seriously because of his age. Harry decides to contact Felicia. Meanwhile, Pyron's ship isn't in space for once and has instead entered New York's air space, although it is still above the clouds.

Pyron's plan is great: because his spaceship is at a lower altitude than normal, the beam it uses to retrieve Darkstalkers should work a lot better than before. Demitri mans the controls and says he has found something. Meanwhile, Hairball is driving Harry mad and so they go outside to a balcony where there is less stuff for him to break.

Suddenly both get caught in a beam and they materialize in Pyron's ship. Pyron is pleased that they've got the boy but they don't know who the furball is, they wanted Felicia. Hairball introduces himself and says that his uncle Bigfoot told him Pyron is a big bozo. Pyron tells him to be silent.

Pyron decides to change his plan and knows that parents care for their young, for some reason. So if he lets Bigfoot know that he has his nephew, he is sure he'll surrender himself. As Pyron prattles on about this, nobody notices Hairball go up to some of the ship's controls and start pushing buttons. Everyone notices a few seconds later when the ship goes into a crash course!

Morrigan manages to stop the ship smashing into New York at the last moment. Pyron orders his minions to put their new prisoners in seperate cells. Demitri puts Harry in a cell and tells Morrigna he plans to run some tests on his blood to try and find out how has magic abilties work. Later on the ship arrives at Bigfoot's village and Pyron tells him the deal: he has two hours to surrender himself or Pyron refuses to take responsibility for his actions concerning Hairball's safety.

Bigfoot tells his tribe that they've got two hours to get ready and they plan a surprise attack. Bigfoot knows Hairball will be more trouble that Pyron and his Darkstalkers expect. Meanwhile, Morrigan goes to Harry's cell and lets him free. She says Demitri will drain his life energy and she needs him alive, because she wants him to become her pupil at some point in the future. She tells him to go to the control room and use the beam to get out of here, whilst she distracts Demitri.

Back on Earth, Felicia saw Harry and Hairball get beamed up but now she has the problem of trying to get to Pyron's ship. She happens to see a poster and finds Lord Raptor doing a gig in a cafe, although hardly anyone is there and people hate his music. Felicia appears and insults him, so he starts shooting at her. Felicia deliberately turns herself into her smaller cat form so Raptor can catch her and then they both beam up to Pyron's ship.

On the spaceship Demitri is getting fed up of Hairball when Ship appears and informs him that Harry has escaped. Furious, he storms off to go find him whilst leaving Hairball in Morrigan's hands. However, Morrigan says she can't let Demitri kill Harry and she notices that Raptor has appeared.. She tells him to watch Hairball and walks off after Demitri. But Raptor doesn't like being a babysitter and thinks there is something bigger going on here, so he goes after Morrigan. He tells Ships to take charge of Hairball.

Hairball starts to ask Ship lots of questions, such as if he runs on batteries or if there are any video games available. Elsewhere Felicia has been put in a cell, but she escapes from it by cannonballing through the energy field. She changes into her small cat form and starts searching for Harry.

Harry's been wandering around the spaceship for a while and stumbles across Pyron's personnel collection of treasures, but then Demitri finds him and gets ready to drink his blood. Morrigan shows up just in time to tell him to stop as she needs Harry alive so he can be her apprentice. She throws a fireball at him.

Demitri fights back and as he and Morrigan have at each other, Felicia grabs Harry and the two of them start to leave. Raptor shows up as Demitri and Morrigan go after Harry. Meanwhile Ship is so fed up of Hairball that he deactivates himself, csaying Pyron can deal with him. Bored, Hairball starts messing with the beam's controls.

The Bigfoot tribe see the beam and Bigfoot heads into it along with a few selected warriors. Pyron wants to know what is going on as his ship is shaking. Ship reactivates himself and says that Felicia and the human have escaped, whilst Demitri and Morrigan are reducing his collection room to dust. And to make things even worse, the ship seems to be losing altitude and is in danger of crashing again. In the collection room the evil Darkstalkers finally find Harry and Felicia who have been hiding.

Felicia suddenly grabs something Harry refers to as a "singing sword" which she swings about wildly and reflects Morrigan and Demitri's projectile attacks. Raptor says music is his game so he starts to play his guitar really loudly, but this causes some kind of reaction with the guitar and soon everything in the room begins to break due to the noise. Felicia throws away the sword and everyone takes cover as it explodes.

Pyron sees what has happened to his precious collection and tells Demitri he has two minutes to bring the prisoners up here. Hairball then appears, telling Demitri to let his friends go. Demitri asks what he intends to do about it when he turns around and sees that Bigfoot and his team are also now in the room.

They barf snow all over the bad guys to freeze them. Hairball tells everyone to follow him as he knows where the control room is and he kind of knows how to use the transportation beam. Pyron sees them running around and ruining things as the adult Bigfoots keep freezing various parts of the ship.

Pyron refuses to give up and tells Bishamon and Anakaris to stop the intruders. They manage to run past Anakaris but Bishamon scares them off by drawing out his sword. They head back when Hairball says he knows how the Darkstalkers would want them off the ship, so he takes them to where Pyron is.

Pyron notices hairball about to push the button he pushed earlier that made the ship almost crash, but before he can stop him he sees that Bigfoot and his team are smashing up the other control pannels. The ship is about to crash again and everyone inside it is thrown around.

Ship has had enough and since he doesn't want to be reduced to being a bucket of bolts, he says he is taking over. He has everyone who shouldn't be on the ship beamed off it. As Hairball goes, he starts to thank Pyron as he had a blast here. The good guys are sent back to Bigfoot's village. Felicia and Harry see Pyron's ship regain altitude and fly away.

As the ship gets back into space, Pyron says he wants Demitri and Morrigan to reconstruct every single thing they broke in his collection room right now. Demitri and Morrigan aren't happy about this but start to do it, but not before scowling at each other.


The Bigfoot tribe have different eyes in this episode. Previously they've had human-like eyes, but now they've got black beady eyes.

Pyron refers to Bigfoot's village as "Sasquatch's village" and even calls Bigfoot "Sasquatch" at one point! If you don't know, Sasquatch is what Bigfoot is called in the video games.

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