Rikou is at what should have been some kind of outpost, but he finds nothing. Instead Donovan shows up and is ready to fight him. Rikou explains that his belief all Darkstalkers are bad is misguided, but Donovan says Rikou's heart is filled with darkness. Although he is curiously attractive for a fish man. They start to fight but Donovan is far too powerful for Rikou to handle and he has to go on the run when Donovan's uses a flame spirit to send out energy bolts.

Rikou is injured but he calls to his friends in the sea for help. Several serpents rush out of the ocean and keep Donovan busy so Rikou can get away. He slowly walks into the waters and then gets a dolphin to take him away.

By the time Donovan has dealt with the aquatic pests, Rikou has been long gone. He says that this isn't the end and then uses his beads to create a warp that he goes through. Meanwhile Rikou returns to his kingdom and goes to a place with a healing pool. He's only in it for a few seconds when he sees that he isn't the only one there -Bishamon and Morrigan have appeared. Bishamon says that Rikou must join them as Demitri demands it.

Of course Rikou refuses but Morrigan then calls up some tentacles to tie him up. Bishamon reports back to Pyron that they have succeeded in their mission, and Pyron is pleased. Pyron decides to go down to Earth himself to meet up with them, but Ship says he shouldn't do that as it means Pyron will be weaker. This is revealed to be because Pyron's power is drawn from the spaceship itself, and if Pyron goes down to Earth he cannot be protected anymore.

Pyron wants to see Atlantis for himself as it now belongs to him. He ignores Ship and orders him to beam him down, which he does. As soon as this happens, an event takes place at a large Mesoamerican pyramid. A robot appears and takes off!

Pyron arrives in Atlantis and he takes a look around, saying that the city is worthy of him. Rikou starts insulting him, but Pyron tries to convince him to join his forces. Rikou still refuses and wants nothing to do with the evil Darkstalkers, so Pyron decides to knock some sense into him.

But before he can do that the blue robot appears. The robot states that his name is Huitzil and he is the guardian of the "two continents". And he was made to protect his people from aliens. Morrigan asks who his people are and he tells her they're Aztecs, Mexicans and anyone else native to this land. He then says that because Pyron is an alien, he must be sacrificed to the sun!

Pyron sends Morrigan to deal with the robot but none of her attacks have any effect. Huitzil says that friends of his enemies are also his enemies, then he uses a freeze beam that does what it was meant to do. Pyron sends Bishamon in next...

...he does a lot better than Morrigan and uses his sword to slice into the robot's torso. However he then becomes distracted when the spirit of a woman appears. Huitzil changes one of his hands into a weapon and floors Bishamon.

Pyron then tries to fight the robot but his attacks don't do any damage. Huitzil then takes him away to a place where the sacrifice can be made and the two vanish from the cave. Ship then calls down asking what's going on and Bishamon reveals that Pyron has been captured. Ship demands that they go rescue him but none of them want to. But then Ships drops a bombshell on everyone: he's been programmed to self-destruct the ship if Pyron has been missing for 24 hours. The explosion will cause so much damage that it will, at the very least, completely destroy the Earth.

Morrigan and Bishamon decide that they will have to save Pyron after all, and since Rikou doesn't want his underwater home destroyed, he agrees to help them. Morrigan promises to let him go and leave Atlantis alone after this is all over. Ship says that he managed to track Pyron moving up the Amazon river, so the Rikou suggests that they take the "Skyfish" to get there quickly. Meanwhile in the USA, Harry and Felicia get an unexpected call from Ship. After the computer explains what has happened and what is going to happen, Felicia and Harry agree to help and let themselves be beamed up.

When they arrive Ship explains that he needs Harry to try and cut off his self destruct program. Then if the other Darkstalkers fail to save Pyron, the spaceship won't blow up. The rescue team heads to where Pyron was last tracked by Ship, but they can't see him. As they fly over some water, Rikou talks to a fish to find out where Pyron went. Rikou now knows which direction they need to go. Morrigan is surprised the fish pay attention to these things but Rikou says Pyron was making a lot of noise as he was carried off, demanding to be released.

Huitzil wants to sacrifice Pyron by taking his heart out and offering it to the sun, but before he can do that the rescue team arrives and attacks. Bishamon hits Huitzil from behind and he drops Pyron. He manages to grab him again though.

Huitzil encases himself and Pyron inside a bubble shield and then they both fly away from the temple as the rescue team gives chase. Meanwhile, on the spaceship...

...Harry is still trying to stop the self destruct program but as the code is in an alien language he's finding it difficult. He finds out that they've got 3 hours to get Pyron back, but he isn't ready to give up as he wants to try out some extra modifications as well as doing what he is meant to be doing. Back on Earth, Huitzil takes Pyron to a hidden underground temple, but the Darkstalkers still manage to follow the robot and get ready to attack.

Huitzil activates a forcefield around him and Pyron so he can make the sacrifice without being interrupted this time. Both Morrigan and Rikou shoot projectile beams at the forcefield, as Huitzil is just about to stab Pyron. Bishamon uses his sword to take a swipe at the robot. The force of the blow is so great that not only is the forcefield shattered, but so is Huitzil in a large explosion.

With Huitzil blown up into lots of pieces, Pyron has been saved. Pyron decides to return back to his spaceship and never leave there again. Meanwhile Ship sends Felicia and Harry back to Earth, but Harry says that he's made a few changes to Ship. They are then beamed down just as Pyron comes back up, who is glad to be home until he hears what his computer now sounds like.

Back at the temple, Morrigan is about to fight Rikou, despite saying earlier that she would leave him alone if he helped in saving Pyron. But before she can start the fight Bishamon stops her, saying that she promised earlier that she would not. In the time Morrigan wastes bickering with Bishamon, Rikou gets away in the Skyfish.

Morrigan says that this time, she just let Rikou get away. Ship them beams her and Bishamon back up. A few seconds after they leave, it turns out that Huitzil isn't dead and be starts to pull himself back together!


In the original Darkstalkers game, Huitzil was colored bronze. In the sequel, Night Warriors, he was given a new blue color. He is the only character in this cartoon series to use his default color from Night Warriors.

Even though Huitzil is seen pulling himself back together, this is the only episode he appears in.

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