Harry and Felicia are climbing up a huge tree so Harry can develop his survival skills, although he's moaning about it all the way through. As they reach the top they are unaware that a rather large bat is heading towards them. Felicia says it's time to head back down but Harry say's that's easy and uses his magic to start floating downward, to the criticism of Felicia.

But then disaster strikes when the giant bat appears on the scene and grabs Harry. The bat can talk and has Morrigan's voice, telling Harry that if he wants to use magic she'll teach him. She uses some kind of beam to knock Harry out. Felicia tries to stop the bat but gets swatted instead and falls to the floor.

The bat transforms into Morrigan, who takes Harry to a secret cave. She locks him up in a cell and then she also goes to bed whilst saying that she's getting to old for this. Meanwhile, at a farm...

...a farmer puts his dinner on a tree stump for seemingly absolutely no reason at all. He then runs off, again for seemingly absolutely no reason at all. Talbain appears and tries to kill one of the farmer's sheep, but they get away. He isn't that bothered though has he smells the meal and takes it. After running off for a good distance, he starts to eat it. On the plate are some cookies, which makes him think back...

One day young Talbain was looking in a bakery and eyeing the bread in the window. Then he saw some people run past him, so he ran with him. Then everything exploded. The End.

Whatever that was about, it makes Talbain cry just thinking about it, but then Felicia appears before him and says that she needs his help. Meanwhile Harry gets up and starts shouting that he wants to be let out of here, or at least given some coffee. His yelling wakes Morrigan up, who tells him to behave.

Since he won't shut up Morrigan uses her magic to pin him up against a wall. She says that she is a descendant of Morgan LaFey whilst he is a descendant of Merlin. She says that she needs his magic to unlock part of a puzzle, a puzzle which will give her ultimate power once solved. Even Pyron will answer to her if she gets it! She says that if Harry survives this, she will make him her pupil. Meanwhile Felicia and Talbain start to track Morrigan's whereabouts.

Talbain says he can see some kind of magic beams around these lands and that they are on the right track. Morrigan takes Harry out of the cave, but by using a spell earlier she now has him under her control. She tells him about one must completely let themselves go to the dark side of magic. She then makes Harry say some ancient magic words with her.

This gets some magic going as what appears to be a tornado hits Morrigan, but doesn't hurt her. Instead, she absorbs it and then uses it to blast a lake nearby. The water is drained and the ruins of a city, which Morrigan refers to as "Warlock Haven", is revealed. Felicia and Talbain arrive, so Morrigan starts blasting them.

And to Felicia's surprise, Harry also joins in! Talbain gets into a fight with Morrigan as Felicia gets to Harry and asks him what he is doing, doesn't he realise that Morrigan is evil?! Harry just says that Morrigan is strong and can teach him, whilst Felicia is just weak.

Morrigan eventually manages to push Talbain back and then she and Harry jump through the whirlpool portal. This portal then vanishes before Felicia and Talbain can follow after them. Later on Felicia is moping about how Harry has joined the evil Darkstalkers but notices that Talbain has vanished. That's because he's gone back to the town to get some diving equipment.

Like any good side character, he gets the stuff he needs by breaking in and stealing it. Talbain takes the diving equipment back to Felicia and gives it to her (apparently he doesn't need any) and the two dive down into the lake. Morrigan and Harry, meanwhile, are walking around the ruins. Morrigan says that they can have anything they want soon enough, but they will need to bring back Scotland's mightiest warriors first. The two start chanting magical words again.

Felicia and Talbain break though whatever it is preventing Warlock Haven from being flooded with water just as Morrigan's plan works. An armor clad skeleton bursts out of the ground, with a sword in his hand. He even smiles and waves at Morrigan, he's so happy. Soon an entire army of skeletons appear. Morrigan says that whilst these warriors are dead, they are immortal.

A fact that doesn't really hold up when Talbain smashes a couple of them into pieces and then takes their armor so he and Felicia can blend in. Morrigan tells Harry that with his power, she will create a billion warriors. Demitri won't know what hit him and even Pyron won't be able to stop her. Harry then notices Felicia running towards him and calls out her name, which makes Morrigan notice.

The skeletons attack but talk of them being immortal is anything but as Felicia and Talbain destroy them with ease. Felicia falls over some blue goop and then gets the idea of throwing it at Morrigan and Harry. She does so whilst pulling the single ugliest facial expression ever. When the stuff hits Harry it frees him from Morrigan's spell. Morrigan then warns that it was Harry's power that was preventing Warlock Haven from being flooded again so...

...water rushes into the place and everyone is blasted back up to the surface. Morrigan grabs Harry and takes him to the shore before Felicia and Talbain resurface, and tries to put Harry under her spell for the second time. He resists though by using his own magic and pushes Morrigan back whilst telling her that she isn't even in Demitri's league.

Morrigan decides that Harry has ruined her plans for the last time and she flies up with him. Felicia and Talbain meet back up and Felicia says she can smell which direction Harry went, so they head off. Morrigan takes Harry to the place where she was sealed in a rock two hundred years a go by a couple of white witches.

She hasn't got the time to do the same to Harry so instead she says she's just going to throw him over. Before she can do that though Felicia tackles her, but Morrigan drops Harry and he falls off anyway! Felicia fights Morrigan but she gets hit by a projectile and knocked out. As usual, she changes into her smaller cat form.

Harry hasn't died yet as he managed to grab a branch. He climbs up only to find Morrigan is waiting for him. Before Morrigan can blast him back down, Talbain picks him up and tells her to stay back whilst he deals with Morrigan. The two of them start fighting. Talbain uses his claws to unleash a projectile that knocks Morrigan back.

Morrigan appears to have the upper hand when she uses her power to cast several pillars around Talbain, but he simply howls really loudly to smash them all. Morrigan decides that it is time to leave and takes off, but Talbain leaps up and grabs onto her, and they both fall.

They land in the lake below. Felicia recovers just in time to see this happen and later on, she and Harry go down to try and find Talbain. They see something make the water ripple but they see that Morrigan has survived. She is beamed back up to Pyron's ship whilst she swears that they haven't heard the last of her.

They then find Talbain's body but he has reverted to his human form. He wakes up but then the full moon appears from behind the clouds and Talbain changes back to his wolf form. Harry says sorry for the trouble he caused but Felicia says that it wasn't his fault, it was Morrigan's. Talbain then basically implies that the next time he and Morrigan meet, he'll destroy her.


Talbain calls Morrigan "Morgan" every time he speaks her name in the episode. Scripting mistake? Voice actor reading mistake? We may never know.

The flashback Talbain has is never explained and from what I've read of his back story in the games, nowhere is an exploding bakery mentioned.

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