Remember when Pyron woke up Demitri and made him become his general? Yes.

Pyron told Demitri that he would help him reestablish his rule over the petty humans of Earth. One night at a mansion, a family of three are just chilling out when Demitri arrives. He smashes through the window.

The father tries to fight him but Demitri gets the adults under his control with his scary eyes. He wants the woman first so she walks over to him without being able to control herself and Demitri then happily sucks her blood.

Demitri doesn't really care about the sex of who he sucks and decides to have the father next. Just as he's doing this, Demitri teleports in as his blade starts to shine: he knows Demitri is here and he finds him quickly. Demitri sees him...

...but doesn't even care, possibly because he's never actually met Donovan before and doesn't know who he is. Instead he decides that he'd like an extra snack and goes after the little girl. Demitri finally bothers to attack as Demitri makes a good point.

However Demitri is soon knocked back and he wonders how Donovan has gotten so strong. He quickly takes the girl, uses his mind control on her and then tells Donovan to back off, or he'll...

...or he'll not even get the chance to finish his sentence because Donovan just blasts him straight away. Demitri turns around so the beam will hit the girl, which it does, but it also hits him. Good work there Dono. Surprisingly this beam didn't fatally wound the girl, so Demitri throws her out of the broken window.

Donovan also jumps out and catches her whilst using his beads to make some kind of platform he can stand on. He flies back up to the front of the house, just in time to see that Demitri has turned himself into a bat and flown off.

Elsewhere Bishamon is meditating in his human form whilst thinking about his wife, Orin. Her spirit appears but Bishamon cannot see it and longs for the day when he can hear her voice again, if he could only get rid of the curse he has. Demitri then appears saying how Donovan is after him and that Bishamon must fight the dark hunter. Bishamon reunites with his armor but he tells Demitri he doesn't want to help -Donovan is Demitri's enemy, not his.

Demitri says that Bishamon's cursed sword -known as Kien -would be a worthy match for Donovan's blade. Kien can talk through Bishamon and does so, agreeing with what Demitri has said. Bishamon decides he will fight Donovan after all. Demitri tells him to wait here as Donovan will come to them, but Bishamon isn't happy about this as this place is his sacred land. He'll deal with Demitri later but for now, he leads him towards a bridge.

Elsewhere we see how Felicia makes money -by starring in commercial. She records an ad for some cat food. Later on she and Harry walk home, but Harry wants to show her a new spell he has been working on. Before he can do it, Donovan teleports in saying he needs their help, and shows them Amanda. Amanda is the little girl he saved and she has been "spell-shocked" by Demitri. She can't talk and Donovan had to find her name by searching through things at her home.

Donovan says that he wants Harry to look after her and try to break the spell she has whilst he goes off to find and finish his battle with Demitri. He tries to use his sword to find his opponent but can't, and then realises that when he shot Amanda with it earlier on, she absorbed it's aura finding power. Felicia says how dangerous it is for a little girl to be caught up in Donovan's fights but he says that they must be there to protect her, and then teleports out. With no other choice but to follow him, Felicia and Harry go through the teleport too.

Bishamon and Demitri see the warp where they are. Demitri makes himself vanish as Donovan and the others appear. Donovan steps forward to talk to Bishamon, saying that he has no quarrel with him as he is not a Darkstalker. After a bit more chat we get to see a bit of back story to Bishamon.

Bishamon reveals how he was trained to be a warrior ever since he could walk, and over the following years he grew to become a great samurai warrior who won countless battles and had never been defeated. However, one day a new shogun was appointed and Bishamon's army was led by evil.

The new shogun made a deal with demons to create an evil sword which was given to Bishamon. When Bishamon used this sword to try and strike down a demon, he became cursed and was locked in an ancient bell. Centuries later...

Remember when that monk tried to ring the bell, but it started to ring itself and Bishamon was released? And he said he was still cursed after all this time? Then he got beamed up to Pyron's ship by Demitri? Yes.

With his past now explained Bishamon says that Demitri was the one that freed him so he must serve him, and starts to fight Donovan. The two clash their swords several times, and Donovan gets pushed back to the bridge. Bishamon uses a move that makes the bridge crumble, so Donovan ends up falling.

He uses his beads to create a platform and heads back up on it to continue the fight. Meanwhile Amanda senses evil and tries to get Harry's attention, but he is too busy watching the fight to pay any attention to her. Bishamon uses the spirits of fallen warriors to try and strike his opponent down, but Donovan slices them all.

Since nobody paid attention to Amanda, nobody notices Demitri until he drops down and pimp-slaps Harry off the edge. Felicia tries to fight him but immediately gets blasted and also falls. Back at the fight, Bishamon takes several hits from Donovan's flame spirit and it is finally enough to make him fall.

Donovan says that he does not wish to destroy him and asks him to end the fight. But then Demitri appears holding Amanda and threatens to suck her blood unless Donovan puts down his sword. Donovan does so as Demitri tells Bishamon to take his opponent's head. Bishamon doesn't want to and is disgusted by Demitri's cowardly tactics, but his cursed sword wants him to do Demitri's task and he has to fight against his weapon to stop himself from doing it.

Elsewhere Felicia has survived and, thanks to a floating spell, so has Harry. As they head back to the battle, Bishamon tells Donovan to strike now. Donovan picks up his weapon and strikes Bishamon's sword, causing it to break up into pieces. The pieces turn into tentacle monsters for some unexplained reason and attack Bishamon, but he tears them all apart.

Demitri is about to suck Amanda's blood but Harry and Felicia stop him just in time. Meanwhile Bishamon believes the he is free from the curse that he has had for so long and stops his fight against Donovan. Both he and Donovan turn their attention to Demitri.

With everyone about to gang up on Demitri, he cries out to Ship to transport him out of there. Donovan swings with his sword but just misses his teleporting target, who manages to get away from him again. Bishamon says he will never be able to repay Donovan for freeing him from his curse, but is told that the fact he got his freedom is the only payment Donovan needs. Harry apologises to Amanda for not paying attention, but she just puts her hand out to Bishamon.

The spirit of Orin (Bishamon's wife) then appears, but whilst everyone else can see her, Bishamon cannot and asks why since the curse has been broken. The spirit takes over Harry's body and talks through it to Bishamon, explaining that whilst the curse has been broken, Bishamon must now fight on the side of good, one day for each day he spent serving Demitri. Only then will he be truly free and they will be reunited. The spirit leaves Harry's body as Donovan's sword starts making noises. Donovan says that a new blade awaits Bishamon, only this one is not cursed.

Bishamon states he will not rest until he finds it and goes off to find his new weapon, whilst the others teleport back to where they were before. Harry says he will look after Amanda, but Donovan says that she is his own responsibility now.

This idea doesn't go down well with Felicia but Harry thinks she is in safe hands. Donovan says that his and Amanda's fates are still intertwined until Demitri is destroyed. As he and Amanda step into one of his warps, he promises that Demitri's death will be very soon.


This episode uses a couple of clips from "Out of the Dark", most likely because the script for this episode was short.

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