Harry is on vacation and is hanging out with Hairball. Hairball has taken him snowboarding, even though he has never done it before and it doesn't take them that long to crash. They hit the side of a mountain and a lot of snow falls and covers them up. When they get out of it, they see that the snow fall has revealed something frozen in ice: a dragon!

Hairball and Harry go get Bigfoot and the rest of the tribe and they start a fire to thaw the creature out. Harry doesn't think the dragon could still be alive and everyone believes it has been in the ice for a long time, but it then smashes out of the ice! Everyone runs away.

Meanwhile, somewhere far away from the Bigfoot village, a woman is swinging through a jungle, on the run from some angry natives. She falls into a pit and is trapped, but before the natives can get her, a T-Rex appears! It scares the natives off.

The dinosaur is about to go after the woman when Raptor appears, telling her to never fear. The woman tells him to do something and Raptor says he'll do anything for love...and he loves rock and roll! Taking his guitar, he uses it as a weapon and blasts the dino to pieces.

However it turns out that this was a scene for a movie and the director yells cut. He then yells at Raptor for destroying it as it cost millions and will take weeks to replace. The woman says she can't wait that long as she will be starting to film Terminator 14 soon, but Raptor suggests they just writer her out. However the director would rather write him out and has him thrown out of the studio.

Raptor says that'll they will hear from his agent and that he'll be back. As he walks off, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself appears and tells Raptor to stop stealing his lines.

Back with Harry, the dragon smashes through the ice and starts to wander about. It sees Harry and the others but it doesn't want to kill them. Actually, the dragon can speak perfect English and asks where the grail is. Nobody knows what he is talking about so he asks for some tea instead. Bigfoot says he'll put the kettle on whilst also suggesting that they should contact Felicia and ask for her help.

The Bigfoot tribe are quite up to date with technology and can use satellite phones. Bigfoot calls Felicia, who is busy in an arm wrestling contest with Lex, but she easily beats him again and says that she is on her way. However she doesn't know that her call has been monitored by Demitri and Morrigan. Demitri decides that the dragon will either join them or be destroyed.

Raptor returns to his agent's offices and starts to trash the place whilst crying that people called him a bad actor. He has a demo tape he wants Herv to see but he then gets angry and demands for Herv to get him back into that movie. Herv said he tried but Raptor shoves him through the ceiling. Herv explains that the only way Raptor can be a star on that film again is to get his own dinosaur. Raptor is suddenly beamed up to Pyron's spaceship where Demitri and Morrigan await him.

Raptor isn't happy about being beamed up as his career is in crisis, but he shuts up when he sees images of a dragon. Demitri explains about the dragon and how he wants Raptor to go and make it join forces with them. Raptor is more than happy to go and do this task, but he doesn't tell anyone his true agenda. He thinks that a dragon will be even better than a dinosaur. Meanwhile the dragon explains to Harry and the others that his species is misunderstood. Dragons are usually quite happy creatures.

As Raptor is beamed down nearby, the dragon says that all true dragons are devoted to doing good. The grail is an artifact of great goodness and in the hands of a dragon it would be a message to evil doers across the world, whatever the mans. The dragon asks where all the other bigfoots went and is told they went to get more wood so they could set it on fire and thaw out the rest of the ice. The dragon says that isn't required and blasts it himself. Harry and Hairball go to tell the others and tell the dragon to stay put. All of this has been seen by Raptor, who believes that if he can get the dragon to work with him, he will control the world.

He is about to move in when Felicia appears and drop kicks him. The two of them fight but they are stopped when the dragon waddles over and grabs them both, asking what is going on. Raptor says he is glad he found him as they need to stop these evil doers. He says the cat woman and the furballs are evil and serve the greatest villain of them all -Pyron, the lord of evil and the keeper of the grail!

The dragon is more than ready to help Raptor when he hears the grail mentioned and says that he'll give Pyron a sound thrashing. Felicia tries to convince him that Raptor is telling lies, but once the dragon finds out that she can't help him find the grail, she gets thrown into a tree. Raptor rides on the dragon and leads it to Bigfoot's village.

The dragon starts to attack and spews fireballs downwards. The Bigfoot tribe defend their village by vomiting snow everywhere to create a shield. The dragon breaks part of it and destroys a few more homes before Raptor says enough and decides to pay Pyron a visit. Felicia returns and Harry tells her Pyron just got his hands on one awesome weapon. However Felicia believes that Raptor is the one calling the shots and Pyron might be in for a surprise.

Pyron sees that Raptor has the dragon and has his spaceship brought into the Earth's atmosphere. But as soon as the dragon is in range it attacks and rips part of the spaceship's hull open so it can get inside. Pyron orders Ship to take them back into space but Ship says they can't because of the hull breach. The dragon is soon inside the ship and comes face to face with Pyron.

Demitri and Morrigan attack the dragon but their projectiles have no effect and the two of them retreat from the bridge along with Pyron and Ship. Pyron says that must retake the bridge but Morrigan tells them only one innocent of soul can reason with a dragon, so none of them can do it. Meanwhile Raptor is delighted to find out he can take over every TV station on Earth. The dragon meanwhile wants the grail and goes around to take a look for it.

He enters Pyron's treasure room and after seeing how much stuff is in it he realises that this may take quite a bit of searching. Some doors open and he pops out to see Pyron and his friends, who all run away. He tries to toast them with a fireball as Raptor finally does what he's always wanted to do -show his demo tape to the entire world. He puts it in a video player and soon everyone on Earth can see the wide world of Raptor.

Words don't do this scene justice.

As this is going on Pyron is messing around with some circuits and manages not only to stop Raptor's video feed to the world but also beams up Felicia and Harry. However when Raptor finds out his broadcast has been stopped he starts smashing control panels with his guitar and damages Ship's memory circuits. Pyron meanwhile says that Felicia isn't an innocent but Harry is.

Felicia explains to Harry that he is the only one who can talk to the dragon. Before he can do that, Raptor is pressing random buttons to try and make his video work but he hits one that starts the auto-destruct sequence to the ship -in 10 minutes time, it will explode! The others hear this and Pyron warns that the explosion will destroy everything for thousands of miles. He uses a comm system to contact Raptor and tell him what will happen if he doesn't open up the bridge, but Raptor doesn't care. He thinks this will be a great death for himself.

Harry is sent in to the treasury to talk to the dragon. At first the dragon wants to kill him but Harry tells him that he isn't evil and that Raptor has tricked him. After a quick explanation the dragon sees he has been tricked and there doesn't seem to be a grail here. He then finds out that Harry's ancestor was Merlin and agrees to help him.

Raptor is busy singing a song about how he's doing to die when, for some unexplained reason, the door to the bridge opens up and Pyron runs in. Raptor gets blasted by Demitri and Morrigan whilst Pyron rips out some cables to cut off all main power to the ship. The ship reverts to emergency power but in doing so has to restart all systems and the auto-destruct sequence is stopped with just a few seconds to spare. Everyone is then ready to beat Raptor up.

However before anyone can do anything Raptor and the Dragon are beamed back down to Earth. Pyron then thanks Felicia and Harry, but says the next time they meet they will be enemies, and then beams them back down. Demitri says that the Dragon and Raptor have been beamed to Hollywood. Morrigan says that this is perfect and that she can fix Raptor up with one phone call.

Back on Earth we get to see another movie studio. The real actor is called off for one scene and replaced with a stunt double, who of course is Raptor. The director calls out "action" and the dragon promptly sets Raptor ablaze.

A couple of crew members pour water over him whilst Herv says he thinks he can get Raptor off this picture. But will Raptor give up showbiz? Never!


The dragon is never actually named, everyone just calls it "dragon".

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