A foreword from Rage Quitter 87:
Yeah, so I think it's about time I explained this. This section is just a big joke created by me, and is not in anyway serious at all. The fanfiction and comics suck, don't worry, I know this already. There is a lot of stuff here which are injokes that only a very few people are going to get. There are some things to do with this section that are real, however -for example:

-The thing about "Kenshiro whooping villains of horror movies asses" is totally real -I copied that from someone's Youtube comments.
-The "Daylight Shadows" story and the story about Valtro are edited versions of fan fiction stories someone seriously posted at a certain forum I go to.

Anyway, "enjoy" the stuff below. Generally speaking I try and update this section at least once a year (usually April 1st) but it just depends on time and if I have any stupid ideas/can find any stupid ideas.


Hi, welcome to the best part of the site. I've won awards for these works below. If you want to comment on it, send me an email, especially if you like it. If you don't like it, don't email me, but if you do I'll read it but take no notice anyway so hahaha you lose.


Fist of the North Star fan fiction
Kenshiro thought he used to be the best, but is he?

Metal Slug fan fiction
Marco thought he used to be the best, but is he?

Fist of the North Star fan fiction ideas and stories
"I'm so obsess with Kenshiro whooping villains of horror movies asses. Here is my predition of what it would be like if Freddy Krueger tried to kill Kenshiro in his dreams..."

Grey Bob's downfall
There is a member of great evil at the Port Saiid forums...that member...wil be DESTROYED!

Maki Final Fight bondage fan ficition
Maki goes to a warehouse to try and find out if the Mad Gears are back, but finds something even worse than that.

Redone comics fan fiction
One man didn't find a comic funny. But he would make it funny.

Fist of the North Star: Daylight Shadows

Peace and happiness has returned to the land, but will the Hokuto super best friends see off a problematic enemy?

Rage Quitter 87's Hot XXX Hentai section (New)

An awesome story about some bad dudes who beat up this loser.


Yuria is hungry
Morden invades America
Kenshirou's problem
Metal Slug Fan Fiction COMIC
Soria is thirsty
Every Metal Slug fan fic ever
Eye problem
New catchphrase
Toki's tears
The real love of Kenshiro's life
Eye Problem
Margaret's Operation
Every KoF fan fic ever
The not so Superman
Transformers fan fic #1
Transformers fan fic #2
MAD MAX VS HNK (by Yegar)

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