The following document can be read at the Sunbow and Marvel Productions Script/Storyboard Archive. It was written by writer Dick Robbins and story editor & writer Bryce Malek. The document talks about plans for the first series of Transformers, including unused ideas and more. Here are some highlights:

One idea which was scrapped was the idea of having the entire show set on Cybertron. The reasons for not doing this stated above make sense, and as seen in the finished show, some episodes do involve trips to Cybertron.

The document then talks about how to get characters to Cybertron, and both ideas would end up being used in the show. The space bridge is first seen in Transport to Oblivion. Cybertron would be brought to Earth not via making it a spacecraft, but transporting it via a space bridge in the first part of The Ultimate Doom.

The idea of making Cybertron a spacecraft would be used much later in the third part of The Rebirth, the last episode of the final season.

The document then talks about how many Transformers characters there are, and suggests limiting the main human cast to one or two characters.

The first idea, of having a human character who lost his family due to the actions of the Decepticons, wasn't used. But Spike practically fills in everything else listed -he become good friends with Bumblebee and is a part of the Autobot team.

Interestingly the document seemingly suggests that Spike and Sparkplug weren't always going to appear after the third episode -note the "if we wish to use Spike as the boy character, we might continue using his father, Sparkplug". Both these characters would be kept around. The second idea would be developed into The Ultimate Doom.

The third idea would also be used, for the character of Chip Chase. But he uses a wheelchair in the show, rather than using a jet pack or any other Autobot technology.

The network presentation the document mentions here is possibly a reference to Car & Cable, an unmade show.

No animal companion character was ever used in the show. The idea of having a regular female human character wasn't used in the first season, but would be for the second season, where Carly was introduced.

The document ends with some potential story ideas, nearly none of which were used.

Out of all of these ideas, the only one used is the second to last one -which clearly inspired Divide and Conquer.