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The Man of the Lone Wolf Star, Ryuga! I Will Grasp the Rainbow from This Chaotic Era!!
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Ryuga, the lone wolf star, appears before Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: May 8th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Kenshiro enters a village where some of Ken-Oh's troops have decided that, now their master has gone, they can do what they like, and are abusing villagers. Kenshiro fights the leader of the group, but then another man, Ryuga, appears. Known as the lone wolf star, Ryuga is part of Ken-Oh's army, and says the troops here are not worthy of having this village. He uses his fighting style -Taizan Tenrou Ken (Taishan Celestial Wolf Fist) -to kill the leader of the troops.

This style allows Ryuga to rip out large chunks of flesh from his opponents, with them only feeling an extreme coldness before they die. Ryuga seems to know who Kenshiro is, and says he has been waiting a long time to meet him. Ken wonders if Ryuga is evil or not. Ryuga tells Kenshiro that a strong tree needs no rotten branches, and then he and his army slaughter the remaining troops.

Ryuga then gets on his horse and departs, bidding farewell to Kenshiro, but telling him that they will meet again. Later on in the day, Raoh returns to his massive fortress and goes inside it, where Ryuga is waiting for him. Raoh asks if there have been any changes, and Ryuga tells him that he has destroyed the ones who were soiling the name of Ken-Oh. Raoh does not like the fact that his men are trying to rule like thugs, but is pleased Ryuuga has straightened a lot of them out. Raoh asks what Ryuga would like for a reward. The only thing Ryuga wants is the chance to fight against Kenshiro! He says that it is his destiny as the lone wolf star. Raoh gives him permission and says that he won't try to stop him. Later on, Ryuga stands alone and warns Kenshiro that he, the lone wolf star, will take care of him!

In the manga...

-The scene at the start of the episode, where Ryuga enters Southern Cross, was not in the manga.

-The scene with Raoh killing his own men is kind of in the manga, but it doesn't happen until a little later on, and is set in a different location.

-When Gonzu throws the villager, there is a reaction shot of the man's wife and child crying in the manga. This is not in the anime.

-After Gonzu is killed, a couple of guys with swords attack Ken in the anime. They were not in the manga.

-Abida never gets a chance to actually fight Ken in the manga. He stands up to him, but then Ryuga appears. In the anime, they put a short fight scene between him and Ken.

-The ice effects shown when Ryuga uses his techniques were added for the anime.

-The scene at the end of the episode with Raoh and Ryuga does not happen until a little later on in the manga.

-Garou was never in the manga.


-Saki was voiced by Kazumi Amemiya in all of her appearances in the first chapter, but in this episode, she was voiced by Yumiko Shibata.

-Three weeks had passed between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually new episodes were once a week.

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