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Explosion of Secret Techniques! The Destiny of the Two Hokuto Brothers Surpasses Hatred!!
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Toki arrives in the village and fights against his brother.
Original broadcast date: October 24th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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Toki arrives in the village. Kenshiro still wants to fight Roah, but Toki says he has no chance of winning. He says that he could only win if he could kill Lin -because Raoh shows no mercy to anyone, and unless Kenshiro doesn't, he cannot win. Toki tells Kenshiro that Raoh was the one who killed their master, Ryuken. He explains that Ryuken attempted to stop Raoh by breaking his fists, and almost succeeded in doing so by using a secret move called Schchisei Tenshin (Seven Star Mark Spirit)...

...but before he could finish Raoh off, he had a heart attack, and Raoh recovered and killed him. Back in the present, Kenshiro still wants to fight Raoh, but Toki hits a pressure point to paralyze Ken and tells him to just watch, as his movements and techniques may prove useful to him. Toki then challenges Raoh, and Raoh dismounts from Kokuoh as he says Toki is the one man left on the planet who he will stand on the same ground as. The fight begins.

After avoiding two of Toki's strikes, Raoh manages to use a sai and stab it through both his and his brother's foot, severely limiting their movements. But as Toki is sick, he no longer is as powerful as he once was, and Raoh believes he can win. With Ken still unable to move and Toki pierced to the ground, will anyone be able to stop Raoh?

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga exactly.

-One thing of note is Raoh -in the manga, he has blonde hair. It was changed to black for the anime.


-The opening few minutes of this episode are the same as the closing minutes of the last one, but with completely new animation. Worse animation, most people would say.

-Speaking of which, many shots of Raoh in this episode look very bad and strange, until the fight between him and Toki starts. Then the art for him gets better.


-The damage Raoh's helmet suffered in the previous episode seems to have gone away in this one.

-Mamiya and Toki appear to be further away from the village at the start of this episode, whilst in the previous one, they could see the village's barrier.

-When Toki stops Kenshiro, the latter has a black shoulder pad instead of a grey one.

The sai Raoh uses keeps changing color between shots. Sometimes it is gold, other times it is white.

-When Raoh jump kicks Toki, he doesn't have the sai in either of his hands.

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