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Nanto Suicho Ken's Dance of Death! I Will Give Up My Life for Love!!
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Rei fights Ken-Oh.
Original broadcast date: October 17th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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Despite Lin begging him not to, Rei attacks Ken-Oh. However, before he can get close, Ken-Oh unleashes his "touki" (fighting aura) on Rei, allowing him to knock him back without actually having to make any physical contact. Ken-Oh says that it is impossible for Rei to hit him. Rei then uses his ultimate secret technique: Danko Sousai Ken (Self-Sacrifice Offset Fist) which will allow him to get through Ken-Oh's aura and kill him, but at the cost of his own life. Just as he is about to do this, Ken-Oh throws his cape over Rei to stop him, and then hits one of his pressure points.

Kenshiro finally arrives in the village, only to see that Rei has been defeated by Ken-Oh, who he refers to as Raoh. Raoh finds out that Kenshiro has not see the Hosei (star of death) and has no interest in fighting him now because of this. He knocks Kenshiro back with a powerful aura blast. However, Kenshiro releases his own aura, scaring Kokuoh (Raoh's horse, who's name means Black King in English). Raoh realises that Kenshiro can also control his aura, and decides to fight him.

Kenshiro uses a technique called Hokuto Shichischi Kihei Zan (North Star Seven Death Cavalry Kill) which temporarily knocks Roah off his horse. However, Raoh was shot in the leg with an arrow at the time, and it was only because of this that Kenshiro survived -a point brought home when Kenshiro suddenly suffers a massive injury to his chest! Rei appears, as he was the one who shot the arrow, and he finds out that Raoh has given him just three days to live. He will feel the fear of Ken-Oh during his remaining time. With Rei unable to fight and Kenshiro seemingly down, who can stop Raoh now?

In the manga...

-The way the battle between Rei and Ken-Oh plays out is slightly different in the manga -when Rei leaps towards Ken-Oh for the first time, the scene then jumps to Mamiya suddenly feeling a pain in her chest. Then Ken runs into the village and sees Rei has been defeated. Bat tells him what happened, and then the scene showing Rei trying to use the Danko Sousai Ken move is shown. In the anime they changed this so what happens in the fight is continuous.

-You never get to see how Rei's ultimate move would work in the manga. In the anime, they added a sequence where Raoh thinks about what will happen.

-The arrow is never shown hitting Raoh in the manga, but they added a shot of it happening for the anime.


-When Raoh lands back on his horse, the arrow that hit his leg isn't there.

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