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Voices from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Harbinger of Death!!
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Rei arrives back in Mamiya's village, but Ken-Oh is also there.
Original broadcast date: October 10th 1985

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2) In the manga...
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4) Errors


Rei begins to slaughter Ken-Oh's forces. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Toki and Mamiya enter a small bar to rest, but things are not as they seem. The other people in the bar are strange, and do not respond when Mamiya talks to them. But weirder still, the old hag who serves them drinks has a beard! Ken thinks the water she brings them has been poisoned, something which is practically confirmed when the hag refuses to drink any of it.

Everyone in the bar is actually working for Ken-Oh and a brief fight takes place. With the bad guys beaten, Mamiya tells Ken to hurry and go to her village now, as if Ken-Oh's forces are all there, he won't be able to fight them all himself. At the village, the army leader tells his men to search the village for Airi, as she is Rei's weakness. However, Airi then appears of her own free will, but surprises her brother by shooting one of Ken-Oh's troops in the head with a crossbow. She says she is no longer the weak girl she used to be, and Lin has showed her how to fight.

This causes the rest of the villagers to fight back and soon many of Ken-Oh's troops are dead. The army leader gets up and drinks some gasoline, before using a technique that lets him breathe fire everywhere. Rei avoids this attack and slices into his stomach, causing him to fall onto some of the fire he spat out and explode. As the smoke clears, Ken-Oh arrives and says that he was impressed with Rei's Nanto Suicho Ken. Despite Lin warning him not to, Rei challenges Ken-Oh to a fight.

In the manga...

-When Kenshiro, Toki and Mamiya enter the bar, there is nobody else in it in the manga, until the hag appears. In the anime, three guys at another table were added. The fight scene goes on for slightly longer in the anime because of this. The hag's death is less violent in the manga as you don't see her head explode.

-The Ken-Oh army leader manages to set some villagers on fire before Rei kills him in the manga. In the anime, Rei warns everyone to stay back first, so he is the only one in his range.

-The fight between Rei and the army leader is slightly different in the manga, as Ken-Oh appears before the leader's death. When Ken-Oh does appear, Rei immediately loses interest in his current fight and walks towards Ken-Oh. This really angers his original opponent, who goes to attack him, only for Rei to leap over his head and kill him.


-During the original broadcast, there was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one. New episodes of the series were normally broadcast once per week.

-The opening few minutes of this episode are the same as the closing minutes of the last one, but with completely new animation.


-One shot of the army leader has him with a white beard instead of blackm making him look like Uigher.

-Not long after the above error, there is another shot of the army leader, but the guys around him are totally different.

-Ken's shoulder pad is back, even though it crumbled in the previous episode.

-When a punk dives towards Kenshiro, Ken has a blue shoulder pad instead of grey.

-When Rei dives towards the army leader, he has green sleeves, when his outfit isn't meant to have sleeves at all.

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