Hokuto no Ken Episode 45
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Those Who Fear Death! Listen to the Cry of Lin’s Fiery Heart!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Lin protects Airi from Ken-Oh's forces, whilst Rei arrives back in the village.
Original broadcast date: September 26th 1985

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Airi and Lin are found by some of Ken-Oh's soldiers, but thanks to some villagers sacrificing themselves, they manage to run off and find a new hiding place. Kenshiro, Toki and Mamiya are slowly making their way back to the village, and come across hoof prints from a large horse -a horse worthy enough for Ken-Oh to ride on. Meanwhile, Bat has managed to escape the village, despite being injured, and Rei happens to find him. He tells Rei to hurry back to the village.

Airi and Lin are hiding again, but Airi seems to have lost all hope, and is scared that she will be put into slavery and misery again. Lin tells her not to give up hope, just as a soldier overhears her. Lin covers Airi up with a sheet and then runs towards the soldier, brandishing a pipe. He easily defeats her and she is taken back to where the other villagers are, who have all had Ken-Oh's symbol burned onto their bodies. Lin is given a choice between having the symbol or being thrown onto a hot metal slab, but she chooses the latter. She refuses to take the mark and calls all of Ken-Oh's men demons -demons that she will never follow.

Just before Lin can be put on the slab, Rei arrives and kills the soldier who hit Lin. He finds out from her that Airi is safe thanks to her efforts -he cannot believe that Lin, who is such a small child, has put her life on the line. Ken-Oh's forces surround Rei, but begin to back off when they realise he has become angry. He turns around and says he will make them all pay.

In the manga...

-The scene with the biker gang was never in the manga.

-The part where Ken's shoulder pad completely breaks was never in the manga.

-The guy who gets thrown onto the metal slab ends up burning to death in the manga, even when he says he'll pledge loyalty to Ken-Oh. For the anime, he is allowed to jump off, and one of Ken-Oh's men throws a bucket of water over him, so he survives.

-The anime adds a scene where the village elder tries to stop Ken-Oh's men from making Lin be put on the slab, but he gets hit on the head by a guard. This was never in the manga.


-Kenshiro was looking for transport for Toki, right? So why doesn't he use those bikes from that gang who attacked him? The gang get off their vehicles before they charge, so it isn't like they were destroyed. I'm sure Toki would have been able to hold onto Kenshiro or Mamiya if he wasn't able to drive a bike himself.

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