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The Wolf Who Dashes to the Horizon! The End of Love and Hatred!!
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Some of Ryuga's past is explained, showing why he sided with Ken-Oh.
Original broadcast date: May 15th 1986

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Ryuga thinks about how he first met Ken-Oh, and how he decided to side with him after seeing how he ran things: using fear. Elsewhere, some of Ken-Oh's troops are still not aware that their master has returned, and are instead abusing villagers. One man runs around after women, trying to grab and crush them.

But Kenshiro then appears and fights them. Meanwhile, Ken-Oh asks if Ryuga ever thought of taking over what was his, but he says that his star is a solitary one -so no, he hadn't. Ryuga thinks about how Ken-Oh's terrible legend began to spread. He and Raoh went to a village full of pacifists, who said that all they could do was smile and let invaders take what was theirs without resisting, as violence only leads to more violence.

Raoh, appalled by such an attitude, beat down the village leader and told him how pathetic he was. Back in the present, several of Ryuga's troops are on the way, shouting that they are going to kill Ken-Oh! Garou seems pleased, but Ryuga tells them to put down their weapons at once. They don't, seemingly stating that they are doing this for him, but he leaps off his horse and promptly kills them all. Ken-Oh isn't bothered by what has just happened and tells Ryuga to go and fight Kenshiro, if that is what he wants. Ryuga and Garou later witness Kenshiro save a family, and Ryuga sees Ken pick a child up. He sees that Ken-Oh teaches kids to fight against fear. But Kenshiro brings out their innocence and purity. Which one of these two men will the ages wish for? Time is short and one of them must be selected...as Ryuga says he will voluntarily become a bloodthirsty wolf to find the answer.

In the manga...

-The first flashback scene was not in the manga.

-The scene with the blindfolded guy and the other bad guys was in the manga, but Kenshiro doesn't stop them -Ken-Oh does. The men are part of his army, and when the blindfolded guy grabs him, Raoh slaps him with such force that he is decapitated. Hen then gets Kokuoh to stomp over many of the other troops (this part was used in the previous episode).

-The manga also has a scene after the one above where Raoh returns to his castle, and Ryuga is sitting in his throne. This scene was used in the previous episode of the anime.

-In the manga, Raoh kills the village elder after slapping him, splitting his head in two with a single punch. For the anime, they toned the violence down so Raoh just kicks him back, and he doesn't die.

-The scene where Ken fights the bikers was extended in the anime. In the manga, he only fights the two pulling the pillar.

-The last scene with Ryuga in the anime is quite different -as he does not mention the fact that Yuria is his sister, something he does think about in the manga. This is because the anime adds a lot more filler, and the writers decided to keep that fact a secret until the end of the next episode.


-When Raoh throws the kid away, the kid overlaps Kokuoh as he is sent flying.

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