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Forgive me, Sister! It is my Star's Destiny to confront Hokuto!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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After helping some villagers, Kenshiro is challenged by Ryuga.
Original broadcast date: May 29th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Kenshiro stops some thieves, but finds out that are doing it because they are being made to. Lord Sabato has taken over their own village, forcing them to gather up food for him. Kenshiro helps the villagers out, and heads back to their place where he defeats Sabato and all of his troops.

Later on, Kenshiro is challenged to a battle by Ryuga. Ryuga attacks repeatedly, but cannot seem to get Kenshiro to fight back, who keeps avoiding or blocking his strikes. The best Ryuga can do is cut Ken's face.

Eventually Kenshiro just walks away from Ryuga, without saying anything to him. Ryuga lets him go, but pulls out a small picture of Yuria...his beloved sister! Ryuga doesn't know which of the "great trees" the world needs. But he asks his little sister to forgive him...he must fight the man she loved!

In the manga...

-Almost all of this episode is filler -the only scene that happens from the manga is right at the end, where Ryuga reveals he is Yuria's sister (the fight between him and Ken does not happen in the manga).


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast, usually new episodes of Hokuto no Ken aired once per week.

-The first few minutes of this episode have a recap of what has happened in the Ryuga arc so far.

-According to the TV Tropes Fist of the North Star page, this episode was a result of executive meddling. Due to the violence in the show, Hokuto no Ken had come under fire from a bunch of moral guardians, and so this episode was created where Ken teaches the young villagers not to steal...they should just fight back instead...because violence solves everything, right?

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