Hokuto no Ken Episode 72
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Farewell, Toki! A Man Only Cries Once!!
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The fight between Toki and Raoh concludes.
Original broadcast date: April 17th 1986

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The fight between Raoh and Toki continues. Toki manages to kick his brother high up into the air, and Toki also leaps up to perform the Tenshou Hyakuretsu Ken (Heaven Soaring Hundred Crack Fist). When Raoh lands, he falls to his knees, and Toki tries to finish him off. But his fatal strike fails to kill Raoh, simply because he is not strong enough. Because of Toki's illness, he no longer has the power to finish his brother off.

Toki tries to attack Raoh a couple more times, but Raoh stops his techniques and says it will not work. He then bids him farewell and uses a technique which lets him rapidly punch Toki with one arm. This knocks Toki down, but he gets up again and resumes fighting. Raoh avoids his strike and tells him to stop. He finds out that Toki hit pressure points on his legs which increased his strength, but also shortened his life span. Raoh can't believe he'd go to such levels to try and defeat him. He tells his brother that it will be his illness, and not him, that will end his life.

Toki tells Raoh to finish him, but Raoh hits the ground above his head instead. Raoh tells him to think of that punch as his big brother's spite towards his sad destiny -the fact that a great man like him will die from his illness. He then declares that the Toki he fought is dead, with only the sick Toki remaining, who cannot fight anymore. After telling his brother to live the rest of his life in peace, he turns around and prepares to leave, but then gives Kenshiro one last message: if he wishes to end his life, he can try it whenever he wants. Raoh then rides away.

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga identically.

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