Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 43
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Farewell Kenshiro!! Farewell, Hokuto Shinken!!
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Kenshiro's battle against Kaioh concludes.
Original broadcast date: February 18th 1988

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Despite his injuries, Kaioh manages to use another attack called Anryu Gyakugeki Ha (Dark Style Charge Destruction), but Kenshiro easily counters it with a stance called Touki Ransou (Battle Spirit Wild Layer). Kaioh realises that he has been surpassed, but cannot bring himself to admit it. As his wounds worsen, he crawls to his mother's tomb and begs for her to give him the strength to land one last strike. A geyser of water blasts out of the ground, picking Kaioh up and sending him high up into the air. As he comes down, Kenshiro hits Kaioh in his chest and defeats him, finally bringing an end to their battle. Kenshiro announces that the 2,000 year long tragedy of Hokuto is now finally over. As Kaioh lies on the ground, he says he has been defeated for the first time in his life. He has witnessed the greatest style in the world: Hokuto Shinken.

Bat arrives with Hyo and Lin, but Hyo says that he has unfinished business with Kaioh. Kaioh tells him to kill him for all he has done, but Hyo is unable to do it. Hyo just says that he wished he had been stronger when he was young, that way he could have carried out the Hokuto Soukei legacy and Kaioh wouldn't have turned out as he had. It is all his fault. Kaioh cries at hearing his words, bringing out emotion in him once more. Hyo dies in his arms, and Kaioh picks up his body. Knowing where he wants to die, he heads upwards and causes a flow of lava to go all over him.

Their bodies are covered in the lava, but it hasn't destroyed them. It has hardened, creating a statue. Kenshiro says goodbye to them both. Bat shows him Lin. Hyo had told him about her condition and he thinks that Ken should be the one to see her as Lin has always adored him. Kenshiro thinks about it, but decides to leave her with Bat. Ken tells Bat that Lin has endured a tough life, until today. She can now be happy. Another fight is calling him, as that is his fate. He asks Bat to take care of Lin, as he is the only one who can answer her love. He gets onto Kokuoh and prepares to leave, telling Bat to live on happily with Lin for the rest of his life. Ken rides off on Kokuoh, thinking about all of his friends and enemies he has met over the course of his journey.

"My friends have made me who I am today. My friend's hearts...my friend's love. My friend's fists are my fists. And I will continue to fight...as long as I have my friends."

Farewell, Kenshiro...Farewell, Hokuto Shinken.

The End.

In the manga...

-As mentioned previously, the North Star Army and Rihaku are not present with Bat. Only he, Hyo and Kokuoh witness the outcome of the battle between Kenshiro and Kaioh.

-The final part of the final fight is much shorter in the manga. Kaioh's Dark Style Charge Destruction technique is not in the manga, nor is Kenshiro's defensive move.

-Whilst the anime ends here, the manga did not, and went on for another year before ending. For more information on the manga exclusive chapters of the series, click here.


-In the very last shot of Bat, Rihaku and the North Star Army, there is a guy who looks a lot like Amiba in the background. On closer inspection of him, you can see he's holding something...is that Pel, the puppy Lin had for most of the original series?!

-The intro and credits themes used throughout both the original series and Hokuto no Ken 2 are played at some point in this episode, in this order: Ai o Torimodose!! (HnK 1 Chapters 1, 2 & 3 intro theme), Tough Boy (HnK 2 intro theme), Love Song (HnK 2 credits theme), Silent Survivor (HnK 1 Chapter 4 intro theme), Dry Your Tears (HnK 1 Chapter 4 credits theme) and Yuria...Eien ni (HnK 1 Chapters 1, 2 & 3 credits theme).


-When Ken thinks about Shin, Shin has his purple outfit on, but when he fought Kenshiro, he was wearing a white outfit.

-When Shuu and Shiba appear in the credits, Shiba has blonde hair instead of brown.

-In the credits sequence, Hiruka is with characters introduced in the second chapter, rather than being with fourth chapter characters.

-In the credits sequence, Gill has yellow hair instead of black.

-Where is Hyo in the credits sequence? If Kaioh got to feature on it, I don't see why Hyo didn't.

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