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The Last Introduction! The Third Man Who Holds Lin's Fate Appears!!
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As Kenshiro gets the upper hand in his battle against Kaioh, the North Star Army arrives on Shura.
Original broadcast date: February 11th 1988

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Hyo and Kuroyasha are trying to get to where Kenshiro and Kaioh are fighting, but an army of Kaioh's heads towards them. Hyo puts Lin down whilst he and Kuroyasha engage the army in battle, and start to kill many. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Kaioh's fight continues. Kaioh uses a technique of Hokuto Soukei called Seimyou Danretsu (Horrific Bullet Destroyer) but it isn't effective -Ken tells Kaioh that the technique he just used came from Hokuto Soukei and he knows how to defend against it, so it won't effect him. That is why Hokuto Shinken is the greatest style of them all, as it was meant to be when it was created. When Kenshiro learnt the history of the Hokuto arts via the statue, he learnt about Kaioh's style and how to counter it.

Kenshiro uses a move called Kentou Shadan (Fist Stealing Discarding Resolution) which shatters Kaioh's gauntlets and breaks his fists. Kenshiro tells him that while he has been living a sheltered life on Shura, he has fought against many strong opponents over the years, some who were even stronger than him. Elsewhere, Hyo defeats the last few men of the army, but both he are Kuroyasha have been heavily injured, so much so that Kuroyasha dies. Hyo then gets a boomerang in the back and finds that another army of Kaioh's has arrived to finish him off.

Kaioh tries to attack again, but Kenshiro hits his legs, damaging them. Shattering his own armor, Kaioh lets his demonic aura flow all around him and give him a new strength. Meanwhile, it looks like Hyo is about to die when another army appears and slaughters Kaioh's force. Bat, Rihaku and the North Star Army have arrived on Shura. Bat introduces himself to Hyo and says he came from across the sea for Lin and Kenshiro. Hyo reveals where they must go, and he and the North Star Army head towards the fight.

In the manga...

-Lin is blindfolded when Kaioh's army finds Hyo and Kuroyasha in the manga. She isn't in the anime, but does get a blindfold a little later on.

-In the manga, Hyo kills the last four Shura without much of a conversation with them, and then finds Kuroyasha piled under a load of Shura bodies. Kuroyasha then dies, and Hyo looks for Lin only to get a boomerang thrown into his back. He turns around and sees that a Shura has taken Lin, and another army of Kaioh's has arrived. In the anime, certain parts of this are changed, such as Kuroyasha being present for when Hyo kills the last four, and a Shura doesn't get Lin.

-Bat is also on his own in the manga -well, he's with Kokuoh, but the North Star Army and Rihaku aren't present like they are in the anime.

-Kaioh shatters his armor earlier in the manga than he does in the anime.


-This episode's title card is the only one to not be on a plain black background.

-Apparently Ryuga is no longer part of Kenshiro's super best friends group -he's been replaced by Falco. I guess Kenshiro finally realised how completely insane Ryuga was.

-When Bat points out the North Star Army to Hyo, there is a guy behind Rihaku who looks a heck of a lot like Amiba...more on this in the next episode.

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