Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 31
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Majin Kaioh's Choice! Cold Blood Runs Through my Body!!
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As Kenshiro recovers, Kaioh goes to where Sayaka and Lin are.
Original broadcast date: November 19th 1987

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2) In the manga...


Shachi takes Kenshiro to a small hut next to a waterfall, leaving him in the care of an old friend whilst he goes out to try and find them food. However, Kaioh has sent out a message to all the warriors in the land of Shura: they can become the third Rasho if they can kill Kenshiro and Shachi. Many Shura start searching for them, and one group, led by a powerful Shura called Cain, find where Kenshiro is. But just as they are about to finish him off, Kenshiro awakens.

Cain soon loses all of his troops, but is still determined to fight, and uses a projectile beam. This does nothing to Kenshiro, who uses his aura to send all of the water in the waterfall flowing the wrong way, taking Cain with it. Cain is destroyed in mid air. Ken thanks Shachi for what he has done, and finds out that he wants just one thing in return: Kaioh's death. Meanwhile, Sayaka is with Lin and the two of them are looking out at the ocean. Sayaka explains that she was raised in this land, and so has never crossed the sea. She hopes that one day, when the land of Shura is at peace, she will be able to. Her brother is strict, but he has never hurt her yet. But she doesn't think that he has good intentions for Lin, so that is why she has refused to hand her over. Lin says that whilst Ken was defeated by Kaioh once, she's sure that Ken will return and defeat Kaioh. They hear something behind them and see Kaioh standing in the doorway.

Lin backs away as Sayaka tells her brother to stop and to leave Lin alone. She begs him to be the brother she once knew, before Hokuto Ryuuken effected him. Saying nothing, Kaioh puts one of his massive hands on her shoulder, and then without warning strikes a pressure point in her chest, making her feel great pain! Kaioh says that everything exists for him and to create the new century he desires, a sacrifice must be made. She, as his sister, must die for him. Lin attempts to stop him, but she gets brushed away as Kaioh hits his own sister with one last strike. Sayaka starts to fall back and thinks of Hyo one last time before she dies. Kaioh stops her from hitting the ground but he shows no sadness to what he has done. Instead, he just starts to laugh.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Sayaka makes her first appearance when Kaioh enters her room, and then kills her. She never meets Lin and appears for a very little amount of time, at least compared to the anime.

-Kaioh has a different helmet when he kills Sayaka in the manga. The anime has him wearing his usual one.

-In the manga, Shachi finds Leia and the two hide Kenshiro in a simple tent next to a waterfall. They talk about how two days have passed, how Shachi has no feelings of regret, and that Kenshiro has not regained consciousness yet. However, when they go to check on Ken, they see he is up, standing in front of the waterfall. Ken uses his aura to make the water flow the opposite way. In the anime, this was changed so Leia isn't present, and they also added in Cain, a character who isn't in the manga, for a fight scene.

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