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A Destined Encounter of Hyo and Ken! Both Are Yet to Know Their Secrets!!
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Shachi tries to get Kenshiro to safety, but encounters Hyo.
Original broadcast date: November 12th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Lin has survived, but Kaioh's troops have been ordered to find her and soon she has to go on the run. Just when it looks like they are about to get her, Sayaka appears. She is Kaioh's sister, and because of this she has authority over his troops. She takes Lin into her room and says that whilst she doesn't know why her brother wants her, she is sure he treated her terribly. A carrier pigeon then arrives and Sayaka is happy to find out that Hyo is coming to the castle.

Elsewhere, Shachi is trying to get Kenshiro to a small village, but the Shura are on full alert. He gets into a fight with some at a checkpoint, but due to the injuries he received whilst fighting Kaioh, he can't fight as well as usual. However, a man called Kuroyasha appears, who defeats the remaining Shura. Before he leaves, he tells Shachi to continue taking care of that man in the coffin.

Shachi makes it into the village, but luck still isn't on his side, as Hyo appears! When Hyo sees Shachi, he says that his eyes do not look like those of a normal boro, as they are too full of energy. He has some of his men open the coffin, but he does not recognise the man in it being Kenshiro. But he still thinks Shachi is suspicious. Shachi responds by saying that if Hyo doesn't like his eyes, he will present them to him, and promptly rips one out! Hyo has seen enough and says that whoever is in that coffin must be important before riding on, letting Shachi get away. As Hyo rides on, he suddenly stops as the scar on his forehead suddenly hurts. He has a vision of a young version of himself holding a glowing object, which becomes that man in the coffin. Hyo wonders if that man is Kenshiro, and turns around to look back, but Shachi is gone. He then shrugs it off, saying that there are only two people he considers to be his brothers: Han and Kaioh. Kenshiro is the greatest enemy of Hokuto Ryuuken, so therefore, he must die!

In the manga...

-In the manga, Kaioh has reclaimed Lin already. The anime changed this so she meets Sayaka earlier (she doesn't appear until later on in the manga) and adds a scene of her being chased by some Shura.

-In the manga, the troop who reports to Kaioh tells him that Hyo is heading to the castle. In the anime, his message was changed so that he reports about Lin instead.

-The scene where Shachi fights some Shura and is helped by Kuroyasha was never in the manga. This means that Kuroyasha is introduced earlier in the anime.

-Shachi carries Kenshiro on his back in the manga. In the anime, he drags him around in a coffin instead.

-The scene where Hyo gets the jewels happens after he meets Shachi in the manga. The anime has this the other way around.

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