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Kaioh's Declaration of Victory! The Ghost of Hokuto Attacks!!
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Can Shachi protect Kenshiro?
Original broadcast date: November 5th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


The pirates see Kenshiro and the ship's doctor tries to find his heart beat...but he can't find it! It seems that Kenshiro is dead! Shachi refuses to believe that and says that Ken hasn't gone cold, his body is still warm. There is no way that a man of his strength could have died. Later on in the morning, Shachi has decided to give his father a burial at sea and has his body placed in a small boat, which is then pushed out into the ocean. Kaioh then appears again, but the pirates tell Shachi and Leia to take Kenshiro and get out of here. As they fight a futile battle against Kaioh, Shachi picks up Ken and leaves with Leia.

The two enter a channel but split up, promising to meet each other again. Shachi takes Ken on a makeshift raft, but Kaioh again appears before them. Shachi tries to protect Ken but is far too weak, and starts to be badly beaten. Just before Kaioh can deliver the final punch...

...a spirit appears behind Kenshiro. Shachi doesn't know what is going on, but Kaioh gets himself together and has a go at destroying it with a projectile blast. However, the spirit somehow deflects the blast and makes it go into the ceiling instead. Kaioh sees he doesn't have complete control over his matouki (demonic aura). He goes into a panic and he doesn't like whatever the illusion is behind Kenshiro. He falls to the ground and starts to groan. The spirit vanishes and Shachi can't believe how easy Kaioh fell. He doesn't know what just happened, but he now has the chance to get out of here with Ken, so he simply walks past the fallen Kaioh and heads back onto the raft. Kaioh slowly recovers and realises he underestimated Hokuto Shinken, which is a more powerful style than he thought. He wonders if what Kenshiro just did was also the true power of Hokuto Soukei...if it is, then Hokuto Soukei must not be allowed to return no matter what! Elsewhere, Shachi puts Kenshiro's body into a coffin and starts to drag it towards a town, although he tells anyone who asks that he is taking the body of a dead friend to a graveyard.

In the manga...

-The anime adds a scene where a doctor checks on Kenshiro, and then another scene where Akashachi is given a burial at sea. Neither of these scenes were in the manga -Kaioh instead appears again only a few seconds after being speared, and the pirates sacrifice themselves to let Shachi escape with Ken. They have no time to bury Akashachi.

-The scene where Leia says goodbye to Shachi was not in the manga, as Leia is not with Shachi at this point.

-Shachi does not get on the raft straight away in the manga -as soon as he enters the channel, Kaioh appears before him and Ken. He gets on one after Kaioh falls.

-The scene at the end where the two guys check what Shachi has was not in the manga.


-When Leia gets up and looks at Shachi with Kenshiro, Ken has his shirt back on.

-Throughout the episode, sometimes Ken has his glove on, sometimes he doesn't.

-I know scale isn't a strong point of Hokuto no Ken, but damn.

-When the ship's cannons fire,the masts are up. Then when one of the pirates talks to Shachi, they're suddenly down. They're back up again when Kaioh destroys the ship.

-Near the end of the episode, two guys see Shachi and check what is in the box he is carrying. When they see a dead body, one of them puts the lid back on...and the lower half of his body is completely missing for a few frames!

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