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Kenshiro on the Execution Stand! The Heaven has Unleashed the God of the Sea!!
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Just as it seems that both Kenshiro and Shachi will die, Akashachi and his pirates come to the rescue.
Original broadcast date: October 29th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Leia and Tao have left Hyo's palace with Jukei's body, but some troops of Kaioh find them and decide to not let them pass. Before things can get nasty, the leader of the troops is killed by Akashachi, who has arrived on the land with some of his men. Akashachi is ecstatic to hear that his son is still alive. Meanwhile, Kaioh continues to torture Kenshiro, preparing to kill him.

Shachi watches and sees that his plan of using Kenshiro has failed -Kaioh has badly beaten him up. If Kenshiro dies now, then his plan to rule Shura will also fail. So he throws his life on the line by fighting Kaioh and his forces. Whilst he kills many Shura, he is no match for Kaioh and is in danger of being killed himself when suddenly Kaioh gets restrained by several ropes. Akashachi and his pirate crew have arrived, and Kaioh ends up getting covered with acid.

This causes Kaioh to retreat, as Akashachi is finally reunited with his son. Kaioh blasts the ground and jumps down the newly created hole, as Lin and Kenshiro fall with him. Lin is swept away by the current, whilst the still unconscious Kenshiro lands on some rocks. Akashachi goes to get Ken, but as he does, he gets shot with an arrow -Kaioh is still alive! He retreats whilst Akashachi talks to his son in his final moments. Akashachi tells his son to continue trying to make a difference, but to get Kenshiro to help and fight alongside him. He also says he made a good choice with Leia and that he must protect her. He then says that the spirits of the 100 men he lost years a go have come for him, but he'll cause quite a stir in heaven as he still wants to be a pirate there. He is glad he got to see his son again, but he then succumbs to his injury and dies in Shachi's arms.

In the manga...

-When Akashachi and his crew throw spears at Kaioh, the manga has Kaioh fire back an arrow almost immediately. In the anime, they changed it so Akashachi has to go down to collect Kenshiro first (in the manga, Ken does not fall down) and then as he goes back up, he gets hit by Kaioh's arrow.

-Leia is not present for Akashachi's death in the manga.

-Akashachi's death scene is a lot shorter in the manga, and there is no bizarre flying ghost pirate spirit ship scene either.

-Kaioh does not sink in the manga, as he comes back straight away. The pirates go to fight him as Shachi leaves with Kenshiro. The anime changes this for reasons that will become clear during the next episode.

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