Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 27
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Brother Ken is in danger! Hyo, open up your kind soul!!
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The battles between Jukei and Hyo and Kenshiro and Kaioh come to an end.
Original broadcast date: October 22nd 1987

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2) In the manga...


Kenshiro cannot seem to do anything against Kaioh, until he uses the ultimate Hokuto Shinken technique: Musou Tensei. However, Kaioh even manages to overcome that, stopping the technique and punching Kenshiro across the arena. Kaioh says that there is no way he can be defeated -not unless the Hokuto spell is lifted. Kenshiro doesn't know what that means. Shachi hears this, but he doesn't know what it means either. But Kaioh gets angry just talking about it and he says that it is a disaster which must be kept locked away.

Meanwhile, Jukei stands over Hyo, who is still in pain from the spell Jukei used to try and restore his lost memories. Hyo wants to know why his master would do this to him, but Jukei says that he is too soft. Just like he was as a boy. This is to remind him that the location of Hokuto Soukei's secrets is in part of his lost memory. Jukei had attempted to get the information out of Hyo many years a go, but failed when Hyo almost killed himself so he didn't reveal it. Jukei allows himself to be hit, but then hits Hyo again and makes him remember something...a young Hyo is standing with Raoh and Toki, and Raoh passed him a baby...Hyo tries to remember more but then something happens. He starts to groan and an evil aura surrounds him. Hyo is becoming like Kaioh -a demon! Jukei realises that Kaioh must have had something to do with this. The new, evil Hyo states that it Jukei hadn't removed the seal, then he wouldn't have become a Majin (demon). But he's glad he did.

Despite being heavily injured, Kenshiro gets back up and tries to punch Kaioh...but it doesn't work. Kaioh's demonic aura absorbed all of the power in Kenshiro's fist. Kaioh uses a technique called Anma Makakyoku Ha (Dark Demon Great Zenith Destruction) which causes Kenshiro to lose even more blood. Meanwhile, Leia and Tao enter Hyo's castle, but find that Jukei has been defeated. With his last words, Jukei tells the two that he has failed to rectify anything and that without Hyo's help, Hokuto Soukei's secret weapon has also been lost. Kenshiro will never be able to defeat Kaioh and it means that the world will enter a new, terrible age under Kaioh's command.

Kaioh levitates Kenshiro up and pins him onto a crucifix shaped like the big dipper. He tells Lin that she will bear his children, and then tells his troops that Kenshiro has lost and that Hokuto Ryuuken is now the superior Hokuto style. When the sun sets, the stars of the big dipper will be seen clearly in the sky. That is when Kenshiro will be executed. Can anybody stop Kaioh?

In the manga...

-Leia and Tao get to Jukei before his battle with Hyo has ended. They tell him that Kenshiro has gone to where Kaioh is. This scene is not in the anime.

-Nagato was not present at the battle between Hyo and Jukei in the manga, and he hasn't been introduced yet. The anime adds him in.

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