Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 26
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The Seal of the Devil! The 2000-Year-Old Tragedy of the Hokuto Soukei Family Is Told!!
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Jukei continues to fight Hyo, whilst Kenshiro finds Kaioh and Lin.
Original broadcast date: October 15th 1987

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Jukei hits a pressure point on Hyo and tells him that the secret for Hokuto Ryuuken's destruction is apparently in his own mind! Jukei reveals that due to the sheer evilness of the Hokuto Ryuuken style, he has decided that it must not exist and he needs to end the lives of those who have mastered it. He tells Hyo that he was once overwhelmed by Hokuto Ryuuken, and went to challenge Ryuken, the current Hokuto Shinken master of the time. Ryuken managed to defeat him and revert him to normal, but he revealed that Jukei had killed his own wife and son in a rage. Jukei realised on that day just how evil the Hokuto Ryuuken style was. Back in the present, Jukei finally reveals to Hyo that Kenshiro is his brother! Hyo doesn't believe him, but Jukei explains that they are related by blood and that they are descended from Hokuto Soukei. Before Hokuto Shinken and Hokuto Ryuuken were created, there was Hokuto Soukei. Hyo is the one who knows the hidden technique which is needed to defeat Kaioh -it lies in a memory within him.

Hyo has a memory of standing with Raoh and Toki, and Raoh passes him a child, who begins to shine. Hyo can't remember what this is or who he is holding. Jukei realises that spell he tried on Hyo isn't working as well as he had hoped. Meanwhile, Kenshiro has found Kaioh and Lin, but Lin tells Ken not to fight with Kaioh -she believes that he isn't ready yet! Kaioh says that the seal hasn't been broken yet. Ken doesn't understand what that is meant to mean, but he is still determined to rescue Lin. However, Kaioh declares that he will be the ruler in the new century and he blasts Kenshiro. It seems that even Ken cannot defend himself from this attack, as he is moved up into the air and then the entire land seems to vanish, they appear to be fighting on nothing!

Kaioh uses a technique called Anryuu Hiha (Dark Sparkling Gem Falling Destruction) which hits Kenshiro and injures him. Kenshiro seems to be able to do nothing against Kaioh, is this going to be the end of both him and the Hokuto Shinken style?

In the manga...

-In the manga, before Kenshiro gets to Kaioh, he has to fight a load of centipede troops -these guys were used earlier in the anime, where they serve Gamon instead. The anime has a different squad of men sent to fight, who wear gold armor.


-When Ryuken finds Jukei, there is a shot of Jukei where he has no shirt on.

-When Ryuken goes to strike Jukei in his neck, he is missing his mustache.

-When Ryuken and Jukei are talking after Jukei has returned to normal, there is a shot of Jukei with a gray shirt instead of green.

-When the last troop tells Kenshiro he is nothing compared to Kaioh, he has blue armor instead of gold.

-As Jukei explains about how the hidden technique lies within his memory, there is a shot where Hyo has his armor back on.

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