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Announcing the Creator of the New Century! My Name is Majin Kaioh!!
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Kaioh, the first Rasho, beings to make his move. Meanwhile, Jukei confronts Hyo.
Original broadcast date: October 8th 1987

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Wanting to fix his past mistakes, Jukei sets off to confront Hyo, and tells Leia and Tao to go back. He soon finds his former student, who is glad to see that he is still alive. However, Jukei reveals that he is here to kill Hyo. Elsewhere, Lin and Shachi come across a destroyed village.

But they then come across something much worse: Kaioh. Kaioh seems to know who Shachi is, but as he takes Lin, he tells him that he should come to his castle later. As a reward for bringing Lin to him, he may have anything he likes. Kaioh then leaves on his horse, Hayabusamaru, and enters his castle. As Lin wakes up, Kaioh has surrounded himself with his demonic aura and tells her that he intends to destroy Hokuto Shinken and create a world to his liking. Meanwhile, Jukei is dominating the fight against Hyo, using some kind of technique which Hyo can't escape from.

Elsewhere, Kenshiro encounters a Shura called Gamereo who he easily defeats. Before killing him, he makes him point out which direction Hyo's castle is. As Ken is about to go there, Shachi appears. Shachi says that he doesn't care for his father, so he didn't go back to him when he had the chance. He still intends to rule in this land. He then tells Kenshiro that Lin is also still here and she has been taken by Kaioh! If he wants to get her back, he should head west to where Kaioh is. He then runs off whilst laughing, as Kenshiro has to make a choice on who he must face: Hyo, the man who killed Rock? Or Kaioh, the man who has Lin?

In the manga...

-In the manga, Kaioh makes his debut after the scene showing Jukei leaving Leia and Tao. In the anime, Kaioh was introduced earlier, at the end of the previous episode.

-Shachi's personality is quite different at this point in the manga, as he wants to help Kenshiro. However, in the anime, he's shown to still be quite dark hearted, such as laughing when he sees the destroyed village, giving Lin away without putting up a fight, and the scene at the end of the episode.

-In the manga, Leia and Tao leave Jukei and meet Shachi and Lin. Leia tells Shachi that Ken and Hyo are brothers, but he decides not to tell Ken yet. He then heads off with Ken, whilst telling Leia to take Tao and Lin and head back to their village. None of this is in the anime.

-In the manga, Kaioh captures Lin in front of Leia and Tao. Leia then catches up with Shachi and tells him and Kenshiro what happened to Lin. In the anime, this is completely different, as Kaioh takes Lin from Shachi and then tells him to head to his castle later for any reward he wants.

-In the manga, after Kaioh gets Lin, there is a scene where two boys mistake Kenshiro for Hyo and run away from him. This was used earlier in the anime, in the previous episode.


-The opening minute or so of this episode has a few clips explaining what happened in the last few episodes. Strangely, when the clips show Kaioh's debut scene, the color red seems to be missing completely for Kaioh's demonic aura, and replaced with black.


-A constant error made throughout all of Kaioh's appearance in the series is with the coloring of his helmet -sometimes, some of the tusks at the front are yellow/gold, but then sometimes they are the same gray color as the rest of his armor. I think Toei Animation had two model sheets of Kaioh and never quite settled on which one they were going to use, and ending up using both by mistake.

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