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Rock's Message of Death! Kenshiro, Hang on to Your Friend's Life!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Rock and his team confront Hyo.
Original broadcast date: October 1st 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Rock and his team visit Jukei. Rock explains that he has learnt that Hyo's army is hunting down Kenshiro. In doing so the army will probably attack villages whilst they search, but Rock and his team plan to fight them. If they die, Rock asks Jukei if he will protect the villagers. Jukei reveals that Hyo is Kenshiro's older brother -there is no way Kenshiro will be able to defeat his sibling. Jukei explains that he later had to seal away Hyo's memories of Kenshiro, and did so with his own hands. This is why Hyo has a cross scar on his head. Now Hyo cannot remember anything about Kenshiro and considers Han and Kaioh to be his brothers. If Hyo and Ken fight, Jukei believes that Ken wouldn't be able to defeat his elder brother. Rock and his team confront Hyo and his army, but despite initially doing well and killing many Shura, they are overwhelmed and killed off one by one.

Rock and José are soon the only ones left, but are easily beaten down by Hyo himself. José tells Rock to go and find Kenshiro now, whilst he distracts Hyo. Rock gets to his horse and runs, as José is obliterated by Hyo's Roushin Kyokuha (Compelled Body Stab) technique. Rock finds Kenshiro, but is not able to tell him his relation with Hyo as he dies. Kenshiro makes a grave for him and places Raoh's medallion on it.

Elsewhere, two Shura are given a nasty surprise with Lord Kaioh, the first Rasho, appears before them. He doesn't have to say anything to terrify them, as he surrounds himself with his demonic aura.

In the manga...

-The opening scene does not happen until later on in the manga.

-Most of this episode is filler -Rock and his team do not exist in the manga.

-In the manga, Jukei tells Leia and Tao that Hyo is Ken's brother outside Hyo's palace, which they don't go to until a little bit later on in the anime. The anime has this information revealed earlier.

-Nagato is in the manga, but he doesn't appear until later on. The anime introduces him early.

-Kaioh's debut scene is practically the same in the manga as it is in the anime, but Kaioh actually speaks in the manga -one of the Shura asks him what he is doing here, but he just tells them to leave. This dialogue isn't in the anime. The main difference with Kaioh's introduction is that it happens slightly earlier into the story in the anime when compared to the manga.


-When Ken first spots the kids fishing, he hasn't got his glove on.

-In one shot of Jukei talking to Rock, Rock has blonde hair instead of gray.

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