Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 23
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Men Who Need No Introduction! Finally, the Seven Warriors Attack Ken!!
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Rock is forced into killing Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: September 24th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


With Han dead, many Shura want to become the new third Rasho and one man, Gamon, hatches a plan. He and his men attack a village, capturing the villagers, and then lure out Rock and his team. Gamon tells Rock that if he wants to save the villagers, he must kill Kenshiro. Rock says he doesn't have a problem doing that as that man killed Raoh, and soon he and his team find Ken. They attack him with a variety of weapons...

...before seemingly crushing him with a large rock fall. Gamon sees this and tells Rock and his men to follow him, as he will take them back to where the villagers are. However, Yohan overhears two Shura talking about the fact that Gamon intends to kill Rock and all the villagers anyway. He tries to warn Rock but is spotted, but Kenshiro appears and kills the Shura attacking Yohan. Yohan explains to Ken about Rock's past, and how his mother was killed by Shura right in front of his eyes. Meanwhile, Rock finds out that Gamon has lied to him, but his team can't match up to the power of Gamon's men, who can become centipede-like warriors by sitting on top of one another.

Kenshiro then appears and takes out the centipedes, before having a brief fight with Gamon. Gamon tries his Kouga Tetsujou Shi (Armor Fang Piercing Line Thorn), a technique where he fires many poison needles at his opponent, only for his attack to get blown back into him. He is quickly killed, as Rock and the other villagers are freed. Rock realises that Kenshiro may not be so bad after all, and as he and his team leave, he tells Yohan that Raoh is not their savior -Kenshiro is.

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and does not happen in the manga. However, the centipede guys do appear later on in the manga, but they serve Kaioh, not Gamon (Gamon never appeared in the manga, by the way).


-When Ken examines the knife Rock threw at him, his right arm band is missing.

-When Ken leaps out of the way of the grenades, he has gloves on both hands instead of just his right hand.

-When Rock tries to stab Ken for the third time, Ken has no glove on.

-When the four centipedes look over Ken and then dive at him, Ken has no glove on.

-When Rock walks up to Ken near the end, he has blue hair instead of gray.

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