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The Hero on Horseback, Rock! I Don't Believe in Kenshiro!!
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Rock and his band of men go out to defeat the Shura.
Original broadcast date: September 17th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Notes
4) Errors


Goximu holds his dead son, Jay, and blames Kenshiro for all of this -he has killed Raoh, their savior! Now he will never come, and the land of Shura will be misery forever. Kenshiro leaves and sees a village devastated by the Shura, who are going on rampages to keep the rebelling villagers in check. As he surveys the damage, a man on a horse comes up to him and throws him a drink. He says his name is Rock. Meanwhile, some Shura are looking for Leia, but she, Tao and some students are saved and taken to a safe area where Jukei lives. Shachi, in his boro disguise, is the one who helped them.

Rock returns to his village and finds that his father, Goximu, is going to die. Goximu tells him that Raoh, their savior, is dead! A man called Kenshiro who used the same style as Raoh killed him years a go. Rock is devastated by this as he has been training for years so he could one day fight at Raoh's side, but now that will never happen. Goximu tells him not to forget about Raoh before he passes away. Rock finds out that the Shura have raided his village and captured all the men to execute them, but he and his team go out to stop them. They wipe out the first wave of Shura, but then a much larger one appears called Xie. Xie slaughters some villagers and it looks like he can't be stopped, but Kenshiro then appears to fight him.

Xie is quickly blown apart, but Rock does not thank Kenshiro when he finds out who he is -he wants him to go away, it is because of him their savior will never come. Meanwhile, at the castle of Hyo, the second Rasho, Han's body arrives in the red river. Hyo hugs Han's body, telling his friend to rest in peace. But Hyo then declares that he will avenge Han, and to do that they will destroy their new enemy: Kenshiro!

In the manga...

-Goximu does die in the manga, but he is killed earlier, by Buron. In the anime, he dies later, and was also made Rock's father.

-Rock and his gang were never in the manga -this episode marks the start of a mostly filler arc.

-The scene with Shachi and Lin in this episode was not in the manga.

-Xie was in the manga, but his scenes are different. Shachi and Lin are present with Ken, but then one of Xie's men (he has his own force in the manga, something he doesn't have in the anime) spots them. Xie sets a venus fly trap-like trap up and then fights Kenshiro, but Ken defeats him and pushes him into his own trap, killing him instantly.

-Xie also adds "crab" onto the end of every sentence he says in the manga. So he'd talk like this: "Hi, crab. I'm Xie, crab. I want to kill Kenshiro, crab." He doesn't do this with his speech in the anime.

-The scene showing boro saving Leia was not in the manga.


-When Kenshiro is walking through the wastelands and comes across a destroyed village, "Kareru Daichi" plays. This song was last used in this episode, and it is the last time it is used in the series.

-There was a shot in the preview of this episode which was changed for the episode itself. The shot is of Kenshiro, when he first appears before Xie. The background was made brighter and Ken seems to be more blue. However, the animators failed to spot an error (see below).


-The shot of Ken mentioned in the notes above has his arm bandage colored the same as his glove.

-When Ken leaps away from Xie, he hasn't got his glove on.

-When Xie smashes into the wall, Kenshiro's arm bandage is again colored like his glove.

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