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A Cruel Prophecy! Kenshiro, You Cannot Be the Savior!!
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Villagers of Shura think that Raoh has returned, and are ready to help him fight.
Original broadcast date: September 10th 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


The villagers of Shura have found out that Raoh is back, and rise up to help their savior. One group of villagers led by Goximu attacks a training camp and rescues the children being forced to fight there, but they are then attacked by a group of Shura lead by Buron.

Kenshiro, who has been thinking of the things that have happened during his time on Shura so far, notices smoke coming from a building not far away and decides to go and take a look. He finds Goximu barely alive, who wants to know why the savior Raoh didn't come to help them.

Buron is still around and attacks, but is easily killed by Kenshiro. Ken finds a medallion Raoh gave Goximu a long time a go and thinks that now he is on this land, there is no turning back for him.

In the manga...

-The scene with Kenshiro at the start listening to the chanting was not in the manga.

-The scene where Buron kills several cowardly Shura was not in the manga.

-All of the flashback clips in this episode are obviously filler and weren't in the manga.

-When Buron attacks the villagers, he is shown using his boomerang to cut several of them in half in the manga. The anime has him just decapitate one villager instead.

-Buron also enters the place the villagers attacked in a vehicle in the manga, which he doesn't have in the anime.

-The story between the manga and anime changes slightly here, as the anime is about to start a filler arc. At this point in the manga, Goximu dies, as Buron kills him. In the anime, he is kept alive for a little longer yet.

-In the manga, Buron dies when Ken throws his own boomerang at him -it goes straight through his head. Another Shura then attacks with swords, but Ken hits a pressure point on him which makes him stab through his own head. In the anime, this was changed so Buron survives being hit with his boomerang, but then gets one of his pressure points hit and stabs himself through the head.

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