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Kenshiro's Secret is Revealed! The Land of Shura is His Motherland!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The battle between Kenshiro and Han concludes.
Original broadcast date: September 3rd 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Leia and Tao go and find Jukei, and tell him what is going on. As the battle between Kenshiro and Han continues, Jukei says that the savior of this land, Raoh, was born here on Shura. Many years a go, Shura was invaded and devastated by an army. Wanting to protect his home country, Jukei sent Raoh, Toki and Kenshiro across the sea in a boat, to find Ryuken and learn Hokuto Shinken from him.

Jukei was not sure if they would ever return, so he trained three people in Hokuto Ryuuken: Han, Hyo and Kaioh. This turned out to be a mistake, as all three of them later went off and conquered Shura. Tao tells Jukei that he has found out that the man who has come here isn't Raoh -his name is Kenshiro! Jukei is shocked by this. Meanwhile, Han has told Ken the same story and that his homeland is Shura. They continue to fight, and Han thinks he has won when Ken realises his legs have gone numb -throughout the fight, Han has been waiting for this moment, as he hit a pressure point that would do this. Han tries to use a move to rip Ken's heart out called Zanfu Enpa (Galeforce Kill), which misses -it hits his arm. Ken fixes his legs and reveals he has damaged Han's eyes, which made him miss.

Kenshiro defeats Han. Han tells him that even if he is stronger than Raoh, he will not be able to defeat Hyo, the second Rasho. Han falls to his death, landing in the red river below. Later on, Kenshiro tells Lin and Shachi to go back, as they have people waiting for their return. He is going to stay here, as there are still things he must do. Shachi has no interest in going back to his father, as he still intends to rule Shura. Lin thinks about Bat and Lui, but ultimately decides that she wants to stay here with Kenshiro.

In the manga...

-When Ken reveals he has damaged Han's eyes, he instantly batters him with punches in the manga. In the anime, Han tries to use the Zanfu Empa again and gets kicked a couple of times before Ken starts punching.

-The flashback scene showing what happened to Shura is shown after Han is defeated in the manga. In the anime, it is shown earlier, whilst Ken and Han are still fighting.

-The ending scene is slightly different -in the manga, Ken tells Shachi and Lin to go back, but he doesn't start a fire to make a signal. That part was added for the anime.


-In the flashback scene, Toki has gray hair, when it should be brown. This happens throughout the rest of the series for any flashback scenes with Toki in them.

-Raoh and Toki's birthplace being Shura is a retcon, as it was previously established that Raoh and Toki did not come from Shura, and that their parents had died. The only reason Ryuken agreed to train anyone was because he knew Raoh's father. And even then, he only wanted to train one boy at the time, not both. It was also shown that Raoh and Toki did not meet Kenshiro until later, as he wasn't with them when Ryuken found them, yet here he apparently was sent with Raoh and Toki in the boat.

-When Han and Ken start smashing rocks against each other for the second time, there is a shot of Han where he is missing his mustache.

-When Ken walks up to the defeated Han, the latter suddenly has his armor back on again in one shot.

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