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The Legend of Shura's Savior! His Name is Raoh!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro fights Han, as Shachi reveals more about his past to Lin.
Original broadcast date: August 27th 1987

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The fight between Kenshiro and Han continues, and Shachi carefully watches. He can see Han's fast fists, and says he can kill him now. Lin isn't impressed with his muderous attitude, but he tells her this is how you must live in Shura. He tells her a story about how two Shura were going to kill Leia, until he confronted them. He killed one, but the other was going to kill him before another man appeared and killed the Shura. His name was Jukei, and he is a master of Hokuto Ryuuken. Wanting to become stronger, Shachi asked Jukei to train him in Hokuto Ryuuken, much to Leia's disaproval. Shachi tells Lin that he is waiting for a savior to come, and the savior's name is Raoh!

As the battle goes on, Shachi is surprised at just how strong Kenshiro is. Lin reveals that Kenshiro is the man who defeated Raoh. Shachi is shocked that Raoh is dead, and reveals that he met Raoh a long time a go. Raoh was considering going to Shura to conquer it, but decided he could not yet, not until he had defeated Toki and Kenshiro. An army of bandits gathered, wanting to kill Raoh, but their appearance gave Raoh another reason to stay -there were too many idiots like them still around, not knowing to fear him. Raoh charged into battle and slaughtered them all within seconds.

Back in the present, Han uses a secret technique of his style called Hakura Messei (White Net Destroying Energy) but this is beaten by Kenshiro's Tenshou Honretsu (Heavens Command Charge). Whilst Han can still fight, many of the Shura gathered think he is losing. Shachi tells them Han's opponent is none other than Raoh himself -a statement that seems to cause fear, and one boro flicks a switch which makes all of the water red, signalling Raoh has come to Shura. Shachi says that everything has been planned for the day Raoh arrives, whilst Lin can only wonder to what he is planning. As Han gets back up, it is clear that his battle with Kenshiro is far from over.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Shachi puts a cloak on Lin before telling her the story of how he met Jukei. He doesn't do this in the anime.

-When Shachi tries to fight one of the Shura in the first flashback scene, a boro tries to stop him. This isn't in the anime.

-The Shura Shachi kills has a more violent death in the manga, as the piece of metal goes straight through his skull.

-The way Raoh kills people in the second flashback scene is more violent in the manga, as he's quite clearly splitting them in half.

-In the manga, there is a part where a huge statue falls out of place, right on top of where Ken and Han are fighting. It crushes several Shura, but Ken and Han survive without a scratch, as the statue breaks around them. This part is not in the anime.

-In the manga, the boro who pushes down the switch to make the water red declares that Kenshiro is Raoh just because he used Tenshou Honretsu. In the anime, this was changed so Shachi tells everyone that Ken is Raoh.


-"Kill the Fight" is played for the third time in the series, starting when the Shura run up to watch the battle.

-The music during the next episode preview segment has been changed, and is now a version of Tough Boy (the song played during the intro) without any lyrics.

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