Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 18
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Rasho Han! The Man Who Stains White Snow Into Blood Red!!
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Kenshiro confronts Han.
Original broadcast date: August 20th 1987

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Two pirates return to Akashachi and ask for him to leave this place, as they think the Shura may attack him if he stays out here. Akashachi refuses, as he wants to wait until Kenshiro returns with news of his son. Meanwhile, Shachi and Lin enter Han's fortress. Even though he is disguised as a boro, Han sees through this right away. Shachi tries to attack Han, but his moves are ineffective due to Han being able to move so fast.

Shachi decides to go back to his original plan and gives Lin to him before running off. Han doesn't understand what is going on and finds it amusing when Lin tells him he will be defeated, but then Kenshiro enters the room. Han is impressed that he managed to get in here without him knowing about it, but refuses to give Lin to him. He wants to fight, as he can tell Kenshiro is strong. Shachi returns and takes out Lin's guards, but does not get in the way of Ken and Han's fight.

Han starts the battle by using a kick move called Shikka Koujin (Rapid God Position) that hits Ken. He thinks that Kenshiro may not be the challenge he had hoped for, but is then shocked to discover that his hand has been cut without him even noticing it. This just makes him more excited, as he finally has a strong opponent to fight. He believes he is equal in skill with Kenshiro, but he is determined that this fight will not end in a draw!

In the manga...

-In the manga, the scene with the Shura in a jeep Ken encounters is slightly different. The Shura doesn't have any weapons, but refuses to tell Ken where Han's fortress is. Ken keeps smashing his head into a cliff until he decides to reveal it.

-Han does not actually drink the poison in the manga, but in the anime, he does.

-The Shura Shachi runs into who mentions there being a shadow dies in front of Shachi in the manga. In the anime, they changed it so he goes to Han, and dies before him instead.

-The flashback scene with Shachi and Leia happens later in the manga -it is shown after Shachi kills the two boros with Lin. In the anime, it is shown before Shachi and Lin get to Han's fortress.


-The Shura's jeep has the word "TOYO A" on the back of it, a reference to Toyota.

-It is never revealed in the manga or anime who that woman was who tried to poison Han. She is never seen again in the series.

-The shot of Han under fire from Shachi's projectiles has Han protected by a blue aura. That aura wasn't there for this episode's preview.

-Who was Han playing chess with, anyway?


-When the Shura appears in the jeep for the first time, Ken doesn't have his glove on.

-The glove is missing again when the Shura with the sword walks into the room to report to Han.

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