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Love is Preached in the Century's End! Her Name is Leia!!
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Kenshiro meets Leia as Shachi fights Kaiser.
Original broadcast date: August 13th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Tao takes Kenshiro to Leia, a woman who teaches the children of Shura about love. When she meets Ken, she tells him that she wants him to find and kill her boyfriend: Shachi! Meanwhile, Shachi and Kaiser continue to fight, but the tide is turned when Shachi breaks off one of Kaiser's arms.

Shachi finishes off Kaiser with the Hama Tokushi (Destructive Scraping Solitary Finger) technique. Before his off-screen death, Kaiser informs Shachi about the three Rasho of this land -the most powerful warriors Shura has to offer, he has no chance in defeating any of them. Shachi already has a plan in facing Rasho Han though -he wants to use Lin as bait to draw Kenshiro in. When Ken and Han fight, he will observe Han's movements. When Han kills Kenshiro, he will move in and attack and kill Han. Meanwhile, Leia takes Ken to a cave and explains that this was where she first saw Shachi kill a man via his newly mastered Hokuto Ryuuken.

Elsewhere, at Han's palace, a Shura enters and says he wants to serve Han for the rest of his life, having no other ambition. Han tells him that his life is worthless and as the Shura tries to attack him, he uses a secret technique of the Hokuto Ryuuken style called Mabu Kousou (Crimson Scrape Dance) to kill him. Meanwhile, Leia is thinking about Shachi and takes off and drops a pendant he gave her. Kenshiro appears before Leia and asks if she really wants Shachi to die. She says yes, but Tao believes she doesn't really want Shachi to die -she wants Hokuto Ryuuken to die. Kenshiro picks up the pendant and tells her not to give up on Shachi yet.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Shachi actually manages to hit Kaiser with his slide kick, but it does no damage and he gets blasted. In the anime, Shachi doesn't even get to hit him before being blasted.

-In the manga, Leia and Kenshiro are outside when Leia asks Ken to kill Shachi. They are still inside in the anime version of this scene.

-Ken and Leia find out Shachi has taken Lin before the flashback scene with Lei and Shachi in the manga. This happens afterwards in the anime.

-Shachi's Hama Tokushi technique hits Kaiser straight through his right eye in the manga. The anime toned it down by having it hit through his forehead.

-When Kaiser mentions the Rasho, only the shadow of one appears in the manga: Kaioh. In the anime, all three Rashos appear.

-In the manga, when the flashback scene with Shachi and Leia starts, the Shura who takes cover from the rain is confronted by a panther. The panther is about to kill him when Kaijin (the big Shura) appears and clumsily kills the panther by petting it too hard. Kaijin then threatens to kill the Shura when Shachi appears and challenges him. The part with the panther does not happen in the anime.

-Kaijin's design is also slightly different in the manga, and he looks more like the sloth from The Goonies.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.

-Han's voice actor, Kōji Totani, had previously done the voices for Jagi, the young version of Ryuken, Fox and several other minor characters.


-When Ken picks the pendant up, he has gloves on both his left and right hand, instead of just his right one.

-Seconds later, the glove on his right hand goes missing.

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