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What Is Waiting In the Dark Continent! It Is the Legendary Land of Shura!!
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Can Falco defeat the Nameless Shura?
Original broadcast date: July 23rd 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Falco recovers and stops Kenshiro from fighting the Shura -he wants to do it. He asks Kenshiro to hit his Sekkatsukou pressure point, whilst he knows it will reduce his life, it will make him stronger for a limited time. Kenshiro does this, and the two start to fight again. After using several techniques against each other, Falco defeats his opponent by using a technique called Oukou Sestuzan (Yellow Light Temple Slash). The Shura tells them to go on, as there are many more warriors in this land, almost all of which are far stronger than him. He then dies when he is split in half.

Elsewhere, Lin is still alive and has been put in a cell. A Boro (a former Shura who no longer fights) opens the door and tells her to follow him, as he takes her to a large arena where a fight is going on. The man overseeing the arena, Kaiser, beckons Lin to where he is. He gets some blood out of her without leaving a wound, and reveals he could remove her vital organs without leaving any scars. Drops of Lin's blood fall into a cup of win he is holding, as he explains that she will become the bride to the winner of this fight. The fight ends when one of the Shura, Alf, kills his opponent.

However, Kaiser does not give Alf the cup, and instead gives him a new mission: there is an intruder on Shura, a man with seven scars. If he wants Lin, he must kill this man. As Alf sets off on this task, Kenshiro and Falco watch the sun set. Falco is about to die, and believes that the light of Gento Kouken will be lost forever once the sun sets. However, a carrier pigeon arrives, and the message it has contains good news: Myuu is pregnant with Falco's child. They both realise that this isn't the end for Gento Kouken as the child can become the successor. Falco takes off one of his buttons and tells Ken to send the pigeon back with it. Soon the pigeon leaves, but it is the last thing Falco sees as he passes away. Kenshiro says that Falco's spirit is within him and that now, he will save Lin!

In the manga...

-Kenshiro has a longer fight against the Nameless Shura in the manga. When they battle, the Shura uses more moves against him, such as the Ninkon Youha Jin. In the anime, these extra moves were used in a flashback sequence, showing how the Shura defeated Falco in the first place (the manga does not show how the Shura defeated Falco).

-Ken throws two shuriken back at the Shura in the manga, rather than just the one in the anime.

-As soon as Ken hits Falco's pressure point, the Shura uses his hiding technique immediately in the manga. In the anime, the two clash a couple of times first.

-In the manga, Falco tells Ken that was his final secret technique after he has performed it. In the anime, he tells him before he actually does it.

-In the manga, Falco dies before the Boro takes Lin to the arena, in the anime, it is the other way around.

-The manga does not have that small scene with Myuu crying like the anime does.

-Alf's fight is shorter in the manga.

-When Alf says that his opponents blood is now one with him, the manga has Lin think that in the land of Shura, death does not mean disappearing forever, but being reborn through the blood of the victor. This is not in the anime.


-Alf is not actually named in this episode. He will be in the next one.

-"Kill the Fight" is played for the second time in this episode, as Falco reads the carrier pigeon's note.

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