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The Endless Trial! Kenshiro Crosses The Sea!!
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Lin has been taken to the land of Shura -and both Kenshiro and Falco head there.
Original broadcast date: July 16th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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The North Star Army find out that Lin has been taken to the sea of death. Rihaku explains that he believes Taiga has taken Lin to the other side of this sea, where the land of Shura is. This land is a place where nobody can enter or leave, and is a nation of fighters. Less than 1% of the males survive there, and by the age of 15, a Shura (Warrior) is expected to have fought in 100 battles. Myuu enters and says that Falco, having found out where Taiga was going, has already gone to the land of Shura. Kenshiro follows by himself, but is attacked by a group of pirates led by Akashachi. Kenshiro defeats (but does not kill) them all, but most of them jump ship when they find out where Kenshiro wants to go. Only Akashachi remains, and he says he will take Ken there.

Meanwhile Falco has arrived on Shura and finds Taiga and his men. All of his troops are dead, whilst Taiga has been fatally wounded. Just before he dies, Taiga says that Lin has been taken to become a "Shura bride" and that he hopes that both Hokuto and Gento die here. As Falco walks off, he narrowly avoids being stabbed by a Shura who appears out of nowhere, and kills his attacker. Out at sea, Akashachi explains that he and 100 men once invaded Shura, but were all defeated by a Shura who looked no older than 15. And Akashachi's own son went missing during the battle.

Ken says he will look for him and leaves. As he heads into Shura, he is almost immediately confronted by two warriors, who he kills. He continues on further, only to then find a heavily injured Falco! He sees that the wound he got from their battle is still there, but Falco says that he is a warrior and wanted to save Lin. Just then, the Shura who defeated Falco appears and tosses Falco's fake leg to the ground. Kenshiro prepares to fight him.

In the manga...

-The opening scene of this episode, where Rihaku explains about Shura, was not in the manga.

-The manga has a scene there isn't in the anime, where some men are trying to catch fish, but they don't get any and believe no creature could survive in this ocean. They are then attacked and killed by Akashachi's crew.

-Falco has one of his hands stabbed by the first Shura he fights in the manga, in the anime, he manages to prevent him from doing this.

-The manga has another scene which never made it into the anime -as Akashachi finishes explaining what happened to his men when he took a group of them to Shura, a spear pierces through the ceiling. Kenshiro heads up and finds a Shura on the ship, who tells them to leave now. He and Kenshiro fight, with Ken being the victor, and Ken then heads off to the mainland.

-As Kenshiro and the Nameless Shura square up, Akashachi is watching them via a telescope in the manga. He knows that man Ken is facing is the same one who killed his men and took his leg and eye. He isn't shown doing this in the anime.


-This episode is the first to use an alternate version of the intro, and all future episodes will use it. For a complete list of changes made, click here.

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