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The Imperial Capital Falls! Jakoh, You Can Dream in Hell!!
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With the Empress safe, Falco and Kenshiro decide to take down Jakoh.
Original broadcast date: July 9th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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As they have no reason to fight any longer, Ken and Falco decide to work together to defeat the true enemy, Jakoh. Jakoh attempts to flee, but is washed down to where his two enemies are. Despite his best efforts in combat and reasoning, he fails to stop Falco...

...from ending his life. Meanwhile, Lin is looking for Saiya, and finds him in the depths below. But before they can leave, Taiga finds them and wants Lin. He defeats Saiya and kidnaps Lin, before using Falco's detonator to destroy the Imperial Capital. He and Lin survive and get away via the canal, as the others watching the Capital burn. Ken says that as long as he is alive, Lin will not die.

At the funeral for Ein, Asuka gives Kenshiro one of her father's gloves, as she is sure he would have liked him to have it. Ken says Ein will live on within his heart. Meanwhile, Taiga has taken Lin to the sea of death, and says that at the other side of this sea, there is a nation engulfed in a terrifying legend. They are going to cross this sea to get to it. Later on, Kenshiro heads out to his land, as the narrator says that another hellish battle is about to begin in the land of Shura!

In the manga...

-In the manga, Jakoh attempts to flee, but when a door opens, a load of water comes out and washes him away. In the anime, they changed this to Ken throwing an arrow which hits some tower holding the water, which breaks open and the contents hits Jakoh.

-Ken does still throw an arrow at Jakoh in the manga, but it is a warning to him not to run off.

-There is no scene showing the slaves being released in the manga. They added this for the anime.

-In the manga, when Lin goes down to save Saiya, she also comes across someone else, and moves the rubble off him...only to reveal Jask, who captures Lin and strikes Saiya with a club. In the anime, Taiga (Jask's replacement) shows up by himself, and uses his Gento Kouken to defeat Saiya, rather than a weapon.

-In the manga, Gill is seen holding Ein's body as the capital collapses. In the anime, Gill is dead, so they just had some generic guy holding him.

-In the manga, Ein's funeral is held in Mamiya's village, and both Mamiya and Airi make an appearance. In the anime, it isn't particularly clear where the funeral is, and Mamiya and Airi aren't there.

-The scene of Taiga telling Lin where he planned to take her was not in the manga.

-The scene at the end where Kenshiro is getting ready is not in the manga.


-When Taiga tells Lin where he plans to take her, the song "Kill the Fight" starts to play. It is sung by Shimon Masato.

-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.

-So Asuka can talk all of a sudden. Not really sure if this is an error or not, but previously, she didn't seem capable of speech, only smiles and cries. But in this episode, she can talk and is voiced by Saori Sugimoto.


-When Ken starts to whirl the arrow around, there is a shot where you can just about see his jacket, but he shouldn't be wearing it.

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