Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 12
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An Elegy for Ein! Die Bravely Than Live Without Honor!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Ein gives it his all to save his friends, as Kenshiro continues to fight Falco.
Original broadcast date: June 25th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Jakoh tries to kill Lui and everyone else by getting a large amount of rock to crumble, but Ein protects everyone from it. Meanwhile, the battle between Kenshiro and Falco continues. Ken manages to hit some pressure points on Falco's chest and thinks the fight is over, but Falco uses his Gento Kouken to kill some of his bodies own cells -preventing the hit pressure point from having any effect on him. They continue to fight.

Ein recovers and finds out that they are in a well Jakoh intended to open up. They find a device which, if hit hard enough, will create enough pressure to release the water and let them escape. Since they don't have any tools, Ein says he is the only one who can be of any use and starts to hit it with his fists. Meanwhile, Jakoh sees that Ken and Falco have become weak from fighting for so long, and has his troops launch arrows at them. Ken and Falco's men prevent the arrows from hitting Falco, who wants to know why they saved him. Ken says that Falco does not deserve to die by the hands of Jakoh. Back in the well, Ein has badly injured himself from punching so much, but his last two hits manage to do what he wanted.

The water blasts upwards, destroying Jakoh's arrow launching weapons. Bat and the others make it back outside, but Ein collapses and says that it looks like this is the end for him. Bat tells him to hold on, as he needs to live for Asuka, but his injuries are too much. After thinking about Asuka and the green lands he wanted to go to in their airship, Ein dies.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Jakoh is seen wearing this backpack with 3 lamps on it, that beam out bright light. He doesn't have this in the anime.

-The dream sequence with the airship was not present in the manga.


-The preview for this episode had an error where Jakoh had yellow hair in one shot. Someone noticed this in time and when this episode aired, the preview mistake was fixed.

-When Ein falls back, the song "Wind and Rain" starts to play. It is sung by Shimon Masato.

-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.


-Like in the previous episode, there are a couple of times where Ein isn't wearing his gloves.

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