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The Celestial Emperor is Finally Revealed!!
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Kenshiro and Falco's battle continues, as Lin finds out how she is related to the Emperor.
Original broadcast date: June 11th 1987

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Kenshiro and Falco continue to fight, as Bat, Lin and Ein head into the capital. They find Jakoh trying to kill Myuu and Saiya and stop the execution, but before they can make him reveal where the Emperor is, Taiga appears. He uses a technique called Ryok Kou Hidan (Green Light Flying Bullet) to knock Ein back, and then Jakoh makes the group fall into a pit.

As the group recovers, they are all surprised when they find someone else down there. Myuu recognises the woman immediately -her name is Lui, and she is the Empress! She also looks a lot like Lin -the reason for this being that she is Lin's sister. Myuu explains that years a go, Jakoh ordered that Lin was to be killed -Jakoh said that out of these two baby girls, only one could be raised as an Empress, that is their law. Falco was given this task, but could not do it, and instead secretly gave Lin away to some trusted friends to raise. Back at the fight, Kenshiro takes a hit from one of Falco's powerful techniques.

Ken gets up and points to the heavens, and then hits a pressure point on his leg. He says that he is now on equal ground to Falco, as that is how a warrior of Hokuto Shinken fights. He knows Falco gave one of his legs to Raoh, and Raoh would not be pleased with him if he killed Falco whilst having an advantage. Falco says he expected as much, and that he must be ready to die with honor. As the two of them continue to fight, Lui calls out to her sister. Saiya explains that due to her being down here in the darkness, she cannot see anything at the moment. Lui says that she feels sorry for the hardships her sister has had to go through, but Lin says that they were nothing to how Lui, an Empress, has had to live her life. The sisters are finally reunited.

In the manga...

-The fight between Ken and Falco is has different choreography in the manga -such as Falco using the Ten Sho Bu before the Hakuka Dan.

-Bat, Lin and Ein are still around watching the fight when Ken disables one of his legs. In the anime, they had already moved into the capital before this happens.

-In the manga, Bat, Lin and Ein split up inside the capital -Ein says he's still a bounty hunter and wants Jakoh's head as a trophy, so he heads off to find him whilst Bat and Lin continue to head towards the Emperor. In the anime, it was changed so Ein doesn't need to go a different way.

-In the manga, Jask is the one who beats Myuu and Saiya. The guy is on crutches (as his father stabbed him in the leg previously) but then Ein finds him and knocks him out with a really powerful uppercut that sends him flying into a pillar. In the anime, the Jask character doesn't exist and was replaced with Taiga. However, the scene was changed anyway, having some random guard instead who Bat uppercuts.

-Jakoh releasing the poison from his chair was never in the manga.

-In the manga, Ein, Myuu and Saiya fall into the pit together and realise there is someone else down there. They can't see that well, so Ein lights a match and reveals Lui is there. In the anime, Bat and Lin are also present, but Ein never lights a match as apparently it isn't as dark down there.

-The way Bat and Lin fall to where Ein and the others are in the manga is that Bat, confused that Lin is saying the Emperor is beneath them even though they can't go any lower, leans on a wall and hits a hidden switch. This causes the floor they are on to collapse, and the two of them tumble down to where the others are. This doesn't happen in the anime because they fall with Ein in the first place.


-The preview for this episode had a shot of Ken and Falco with a white background -in the episode itself, this was changed to a shining blue one.


-Suddenly, Ein is wearing gloves. He hasn't ever had them before, but now he does. There is a reason for this that will be explained in two episode's time, but part of the blame can be on the character designers for the anime (in the manga, Ein always had gloves).

-Of course, Ein having gloves meant a change to Ein's character model, but the animators at Toei forget occasionally. This means that there are a couple of times during this episode where Ein doesn't have his gloves on, like here.

-When Lin is waiting next to the pillar, there are a couple of shots where her bandanna is yellow instead of pink.

-When Falco tells Ken to perish, there is a shot of Ken without his jacket on, even though Falco hasn't destroyed it yet.

-The next episode preview segment has a shot of Jakoh with yellow hair -this was noticed and fixed for the episode itself however.

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