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The Emperor's Cries Echoes Through the Imperial Capital! Where Is Falco...
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As the North Star Army get closer to the capital, Falco heads out to challenge Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: June 4th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Boltz jumps down and challenges Kenshiro, but even after using his Gento Seiko Hiken (Source Star Blue Spear Flying Fist) and Gento Hyakusen Soukon (Source Star Hundred Flashing Blue Lights) techniques, he is easily defeated and killed. Meanwhile, Falco reveals that he did not kill Jakoh after Raoh told him to, as he could not bring himself to do it in front of his watching mother. When his mother died, Jakoh quickly kidnapped the Celestial Emperor to protect himself and took over the capital in the Emperor's name. The real Emperor is somewhere in this fortress, they just don't know where. Jakoh has practically gone insane with fear because of Kenshiro's arrival, and tells Falco to go out and kill Kenshiro immediately, otherwise the Celestial Emperor will die.

Ken and the North Star Army move further in, and Ken fights some soldiers with gold armor. They are Falco's troops, and they will stop at nothing to prevent Kenshiro from getting to Falco. Kenshiro decides to stop fighting for now and let Falco come to him. Inside, Falco talks to Saiya, one of his most loyal men, and gives him a detonator which will completely destroy the capital, should he lose his upcoming battle with Kenshiro. If he loses to Kenshiro, Jakoh will go mad with fear and kill the Emperor and as he seems to be the only one who knows where the Emperor is, no-one could stop him before it is too late. After he kills the Emperor, he will blame everything on him before fleeing. At least with Falco's plan the Emperor will still die, but Jakoh will also perish. Myuu enters the room and asks to take the detonator, as she does not want to live on should Falco die, and is ready for death herself. A little later on, Falco heads outside and comes face to face with Kenshiro.

The two start to fight, causing minor damage to each other and releasing a lot of fighting aura. Rihaku sees that the heavens have suddenly split open. And as this happens, Lin suddenly puts her hands to her head and says that inside the capital she can hear the Emperor crying, and calling out to her!

In the manga...

-After Jakoh wakes up, the manga has Jask walk into the room and show that Sheeno has died. This does not happen in the anime, as Sheeno and Jask are not in it -instead, a new scene was put in where Kenshiro fights Boltz, who was Sheeno's replacement.

-During the scene with the electrified fence, there was a part in the manga where a soldier keeps taunting Kenshiro, until Ken slams a beam on the top of the fence with such force it bends out of shape and hits the guard on the head, knocking one of his eyes out before forcing him into the fence. This is not in the anime.

-After Ken uses his nunchaku for the first time, the manga has an extra fight, where some troops try and use a vehicle with spikes on the front of it against Ken. Ken takes out the driver and makes the machine crash. This isn't in the anime.

-In the manga, Myuu makes her debut when Falco is first seen talking to her. In the anime, she was introduced slightly earlier, in the previous episode.

-Saiya looks much younger in the manga, doesn't have dark hair, and also doesn't appear to be part of the army -he comes across as being more of a servant to Falco and Myuu.

-Lin does not hear the Emperor calling out to her until slightly later in the manga.


-This episode features the animation style which I hate -it was previously used in this episode, but here it looks even worse...whilst the animation itself isn't too bad, the art is just awful at times, I mean, what the heck is this supposed to be? Sadly this style will be used again a few times throughout the rest of the series. I'd say this is the worst looking episode of them all, though.


-When Boltz dies, the explosion effects are layered incorrectly and go behind Ken's boot instead of in front of it.

-Why does Kenshiro have to ask Falco if he is Falco? He already saw him in this episode.

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