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Good or Evil? The Mysterious Hokuto Ryuuken style appears!!
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As Kenshiro battles Alf, Lin is taken by Shachi, a master of Hokuto Ryuuken.
Original broadcast date: July 30th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Alf finds Kenshiro and the two start to fight. Alf uses his Yutou Sekien Bu (Red Circle Dance) to poison Kenshiro and make it look like there is many of him, but Kenshiro counters this by creating multiple images of himself and hitting all of the Alfs. Alf dies seconds later. Kenshiro is taken to Lin's cell, but he finds that it is empty.

This is because a boro has already taken Lin away, not revealing where they are going or why. A Shura finds them and wants to know why Lin is out here, as she is meant to be becoming a Shura bride. He gets angry with the boro and tries to attack him, only for his strike to miss. The boro reveals that he isn't a boro at all, and is actually Shachi, a master of the Hokuto Ryuuken fighting style (North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist). Shachi says that he is Rasetsu, a dreaded monster, before using the Katsuhagan (Scold Grasp) technique against the Shura and killing him.

Shachi says that Hokuto Ryuken is a sparkling gem, which means that of all the martial arts styles in the world, the one he has mastered shines the brightest. He knows Kenshiro is strong, and he will kill many Shura. His appearance here will no doubt shake up the land of Shura. But he's a red hurricane, with blood swirling around him. One day he'll perish with all of the other Shuras. On that day, his style, the other form of Hokuto, will shine. He attempts to leave with Lin, only for Kaiser to show up and challenge him. Meanwhile, Kenshiro saves a young renegade Shura called Tao, who asks him if he is a master of Hokuto Ryuuken. Ken says he isn't and finds out from Tao that a man known as Shachi has mastered Hokuto Ryuuken. Kenshiro has heard that name before, as it is the name of Akashachi's son! Ken looks up into the sky and sees the big dipper...and realises that Hokuto Shinken isn't the only martial art to bear the Hokuto name.

In the manga...

-The opening scene is different, as in the manga, Ken's fight against Alf takes place next to a waterfall. In the anime, it is front of the building which Lin is being kept in.

-In the manga, the boro (who is Shachi) watches the whole fight between Ken and Alf. After the battle, Shachi says that Ken uses one of the Hokuto styles. Ken says there are no "styles" of Hokuto, there is only one -Hokuto Shinken. Shachi says there is another, and there is a master of it in the land of Shura somewhere. He then asks Ken why he is here, and Ken says he is looking for Lin. Shachi says that he's never heard of her and then leaves. None of this happens in the anime, as Shachi leaves the fight early.

-In the manga, when Shachi enters the building, many other Shura are still around, and some are talking about Alf, who they've heard has been defeated. When Shachi enters Lin's cell, he brings some food for her. None of this happens in the anime.

-In the manga, Shachi reveals that he is not a boro to Lin when she is still in her cell. In the anime, he doesn't do this until later. He's also not wearing a shirt in the manga, but has one in the anime.

-In the manga, when some Shura find that Lin's cell is empty, then report it to Kaiser, who dispatches one Shura to go and find her. This scene is not in the anime.

-The fight between Shachi and the Shura who finds him and Lin is longer in the manga. The Shura tries some rapid strike attack, but when his hand hits Shachi, his fingers break. This is not in the anime.

-The manga has a scene that takes place just after Shachi tells Kaiser he is Rasetsu. The scene involves Kenshiro entering a village, and meeting some villagers who point out the village leader. They say that three days a go, Rasetsu came to their village and did something to the Shura in charge of the place. The Shura has been standing still for 3 days, as his legs can't move. He can't speak either, and was told he will die when the big dipper shines in the sky. The stars then happen to be clearly seen above, and the Shura explodes. Ken recognises the technique, known as Gen On Kai (Phantom Dark Destruction) but there seemed to be something different about it. This scene is not in the anime.


-Previously, it has been established that Kenshiro is resistant to all poisons. Yet here, Alf's poison does seem to do what it is supposed to do on him.

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