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Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars! - You're the Woman Burdened by Love and Fate!!
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Raoh arrives in the Nanto Capital and searches for Yuria, but instead finds Tou.
Original broadcast date: December 18th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Raoh and Kenshiro arrive outside the Nanto Capital. However, as Raoh heads on, a group of his ninjas appear to stop Kenshiro. Raoh blasts down the main entrance and starts to fight Yuria's army, slaughtering many of them.

He starts to look for Yuria, and finds her in a tower. However, he finds out that it is actually Tou in the armor. She explains that she has loved him ever since he saved her from a pack of wolves a long time a go, and asks him to forget about Yuria, as she loves Kenshiro, not him. Raoh isn't interested in what anyone else wants, as far as he is concerned, Yuria belongs to him. Tou goes on to explain that Yuria is the Jibo no Hoshi (Motherhood star), a star of caring, love and maternity. She knows Raoh grew up without a mother figure in his life, but maybe he sees that motherly figure in Yuria. Raoh says that is enough, and demands to know where Yuria is, now. Tou suddenly runs forward and grabs a dagger from Raoh.

She says it is her destiny to defeat him, but Raoh is amused and tells her that she should go ahead and stab him -but she suddenly turns the blade around and stabs herself in the heart with it! She falls to the ground. Tou tells Raoh that, by doing this, he may find part of her in his own heart. She asks him to remember her, and to try and feel pity. Tou then dies, but Raoh just thinks she was a stupid woman. He removes the dagger from her and says she should have at least tried to kill him. If Tao knew that she couldn't have him, then she should have at least tried to kill him, that way no other woman could have had him either. Raoh's anger gets worse as he decides that if he can't have Yuria, nobody can, and she can just die. Outside, Kenshiro makes it to the capital and sees that Raoh has already arrived.

In the manga...

-The scene where Ken fights the ninjas was never in the manga.

-Raoh's arrival in the Nanto capital was extended upon in the anime, adding a part where he blasts down the door, and his fight against Yuria's troops goes on for slightly longer.

-Yuria actually sees Raoh in the manga, but she is a distance away from him, high up in a tower. This was omitted from the anime.

-The death of some of Yuria's troops is much more violent in the manga.

-In the manga, as soon as Tou takes the dagger, she stabs herself immediately. In the anime, they changed it so she considered stabbing Raoh first.

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