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Villains! Shall We Have a Countdown to Death
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Ken allows himself to be captured so he can be taken to the base of God Army.
Original broadcast date: 22nd November 1984

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Colonel, the leader of God's Army, has all of his forces standing to attention as he explains that a single rat has invaded their sacred land and he must be destroyed! Some troops move into the city and capture a family, holding them hostage whilst demanding for the man with seven scars to show himself. Ken, who had been hiding with Lin on the outskirts of town, eventually gets this message thanks to Bat and the three of them head back. However he gets their too late as a Captain murders the family. Ken kills all of the troops who try and fight him.

However, SGT Mad then appears with more troops and he knocks Kenshiro down by using a large wrecking ball. Ken is taken to the base of God's Army, but he quickly reveals he allowed himself to be caught so they'd take him here. He fights off the troops, eventually having to confront Mad. Mad uses poison coated knives and can stab with them at a great speed.

However, this isn't enough and Kenshiro hits pressure points on his head to make him lose control of his body. He stumbles up to a water tank and Ken holds his head in the water until he points out where Colonel is. Ken heads towards a tower just as Mad gets back up to resume fighting, but he finds out he is already dead and explodes. As Ken heads on, Colonel swears to his God that he will kill Kenshiro, as that is his command.

In the manga...

-The manga has a girl watch her own father being decapitated (see the manga section for the previous episode). In this episode, the girl is seen here, and so is her father and mother (her mother wasn't in the manga). They are killed via being slashed/stabbed rather than decapitation.

-In the manga, Ken hits a pressure point on the girl and then tells Bat he is going to God Land, and he gets there just by walking and then sneaking in -he gets right inside their base and nobody notices until he calls out to Mad. The anime added a completely new scene where Mad uses a wrecking ball to capture Kenshiro.

-The scene where one soldier was forced to kill his brother was used in the previous episode of the anime, whilst in the manga, it is shown after Ken tells Bat he is going to God Land. The death of the brother is more violent in the manga -you see the knife coming out of his back. Also, Mad is the only superior officer there in the manga, whilst the anime had the Major.

-When Mad fights Ken, Mad throws some needles into Ken's chest which suck out his blood and make it spurt out. This isn't in the anime, but soldiers using these needle weapons are in the next episode.

-Ken does not rip his shirt off in the manga until he gets hit with the above mentioned needles.

-Hokuto Renkan Kumite, the attack Kenshiro uses against the soldiers, was not named in the manga.

-Mad tells the few remaining soldiers to stop in the manga, as he will fight Ken himself. In the anime, he actually kills them for hesitating.

-Mad's knives did not have any poison on them in the manga.

-The scenes at the end of the episode featuring Colonel and the characters at the bar were not present in the manga.


-When Mad tells his troops to pummel Ken, part of his left arm isn't there.

-When Kenshiro breaks free from his chains, the black band on his right arm and bandages on his left arm are missing, but then magically appear again one shot later.

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