Kenshiro and Han are fighting each other and engage in some rapid punches. As Shachi watches he sees Han's techniques, and he can see the shadows of his fists, something he couldn't see when he briefly fought with him earlier. But he's happy as he now knows how Han attacks, and will be much better prepared to fight him next time.

Shachi starts to talk about how Han is finished and that he will be a dead man soon. Lin isn't impressed with how happy Shachi sounds about killing people and glares at him. He notices her and says that she may hate him right now but he has to act like this, it is the only way to survive on the land of Shura...

A few years a go, Shachi was thinking about how he had left his father behind to stay with Leia. Someone told him that Leia's school was under attack and sure enough, two Shuras had found her and had also got two young Shura with them. These two boys had refused to fight and so were beaten up. The reason they didn't fight was because Leia told them not to do so, but the older Shura said it was her fault this happened.

The Shura decided to kill the boys as punishment, but when Leia begged them not to they dropped them and took her instead, believing that she could die to make up for it. But then one Shura got a rock smashed into the back of his head.

Shachi had appeared. Despite his opponent being several times bigger than him, Shachi charged into him. He pushed the Shura back, whilst being hit several times, but managed to kill him by shoving him onto a stuck out piece of metal.

Shachi did not have the strength to kill the other Shura and was about to die, but then the Shura suddenly exploded!

An old man in a cloak appeared and said that the style he just used on the Shura is Hokuto Ryuuken. This man is Jukei and he is a master of the style. Shachi asked Jukei to teach him Hokuto Ryuuken, but Leia told him he shouldn't fight as it won't help matters here and will only lead to more violence.

Jukei told Shachi of a legend he has heard of. There is meant to be a savior of Shura who will one day come to the land and defeat the three Rasho. If Shachi wants to wait here with Leia until that day, then he can. But Shachi wanted to learn Hokuto Ryuuken, as he wanted to become strong and stop the Shura from killing the few good people around like Leia. Jukei warned him that Hokuto Ryuuken is dangerous and can make a man evil, but Shachi didn't care. He'd already killed a Shura so there was no turning back now. Jukei told him to follow him. Leia asked Shachi to stop, but he said that the Shachi she loved is now dead.

Back in the present, Shachi explains to Lin that you need power in this land to survive and thanks to Jukei, he is now a master of Hokuto Ryuuken. He intends to kill as many Shura as possible and soon he will become a Rasho and rule the land. But he is also waiting for the savior to come. Lin asks Shachi who this savior is, what is he like? Shachi says that he is a demon-like warrior, and his name is...


" Raoh?!"

Shachi asks Lin is she knows anything about Raoh, but she stops talking and looks at Kenshiro. Han and Ken clash once again, but Ken blocks the strike and gets Han into an arm lock. He tries to break Han's arm...

...but Han escapes from his hold, spins around and does a chop which Kenshiro blocks.

The force of the blow is so powerful that Kenshiro crashes through the floor, but he gets back up again. He tells Han that if he'd broken his arm, then this fight would be over. Lin has some shocking news for Shachi: his savior, Raoh, is dead and Kenshiro was the one who beat him! Shachi can't believe that Raoh was defeated and reveals that he met him a long time a go...

Raoh was sitting on his horse and looked out over the sea. Far away in the distance, he could see the land of Shura.

Akashachi asked him if he intended to cross the sea and conquer Shura, but Raoh said he couldn't yet. There were two people here that he needed to defeat first: Toki and Kenshiro. He could not go to Shura until he had beaten them. He told Akashachi to wait here for him, as one day he would return and would be crossing the sea. Just then Shachi ran across and told his father that a large army of punks were on the way! But the army was already there, and had Raoh surrounded.

The army wasn't happy about Raoh's plans for conquest -they wanted to rule this land, not him. Raoh saw that there were still some idiots around who don't know of his power, and decided that as well as defeating Toki and Kenshiro, he must also rule this place before going to conquer Shura. He then noticed Shachi staring at him and patted his head, telling him to become a man by becoming strong. Shachi said he would.

Raoh then charged into battle, whilst Akashachi told his son to observe Raoh's fight. That man is the man who would one day lead them into Shura. The army charged towards Raoh, but he charged towards them.

It only took a few seconds for Raoh to kill them all.

In the present once more, Shachi still can't quite believe that someone as strong as Raoh was defeated, and then Lin further surprises him by saying that Kenshiro was the youngest of the four "brothers" who trained in Hokuto Shinken. Meanwhile word has spread that Han is fighting a powerful opponent and many other Shura arrive in the arena to watch a battle, which is about to really get going.

The two warriors move behind different sides of a wall and then strike it, grabbing each other's fists and completely destroying the object in their way. As the two grapple, Kenshiro suddenly performs a quick kick which only destroys part of Han's armor thanks to Han dodging it. Han picks Ken up...

...and throws him into a wall with such force he breaks through it. But Kenshiro returns the favor by throwing Han straight back into the floor, which removes his cape. Han gets up and tells Kenshiro excitedly that the fight of Hokuto Ryuuken begins now!

Shachi sees that Kenshiro is strong, strong enough to beat Raoh. But the best news is that he is probably strong enough to beat Han, which means that he won't have to fight him now. Han grabs Kenshiro and again throws him with such force he breaks through another wall, which gives him enough time to jump up into the air...


(This is the end! North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist Secret Technique, White Net Destroying Energy!)


(Heavens Command Charge!)

Han is engulfed by Kenshiro's projectile and is flung up to the top of the arena, which destroys his armor completely. As the Shura are all stunned, Han is pinned for a few seconds...

...before he falls down and crashes through the floor. As he slowly gets back up, he recognises the Tenshou Honretsu technique and says that without doubt that move is one of Raoh's! Ken says nothing and beckons Han to come and fight him again.

The Shura see that it looks like Han is losing. They begin to wonder if his opponent could be the savior...and Shachi tells them that yes, the man Han is fighting is none other than Raoh! Lin wonders why Shachi is telling a lie, but the Shura all go into a state of panic. One boro rushes inside to flick a switch...

...which does something to the river: it turns it red. Shachi tells Lin that everything has been planned for the day Raoh arrives. Soon all of the Shura believe that Raoh has come to their land.

As Han gets back up, it is clear that his battle with Kenshiro is far from over.


As Kenshiro continues to fight Han, the big reveal of the next episode is given away in the title. Next time on Hokuto no Ken 2: "Kenshiro's Secret is Revealed! The Land of Shura is His Motherland!!"

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