Hyo's army has assembled in a canyon. Two scouts report back and say that they have been unable to locate Kenshiro, but believe that he must be nearby. Hyo decides to return to his palace. Meanwhile, Jukei, Leia and Tao are in some mountains, and in the distance they see Hyo's palace.

Jukei removes his hood and says that Kenshiro will surely end up fighting Hyo, but he cannot win. Nor can he beat Kaioh. So Jukei decides that it is up to him to finish what he started. He has to leave Leia and Tao, and heads towards the palace.

Soon Jukei reaches his destination and finds a few guards outside. He tells them that he is here to see Hyo and they should let him pass, but they don't like his attitude and one of them attacks, only to get blown apart in seconds. The rest are scared of Jukei's power and run back inside so they can shut the main doors.

Jukei starts to chant, and with his hands he melts down part of the door to force it open. None of the Shura inside dare to fight him and start to run away, but Jukei then hears some noise behind him and turns around to see that Hyo is on his way back.

When Hyo sees his old master he kneels before him and says that he is glad to see he is alright after all this time. However Jukei tells him to dispense with the greetings as the only reason he is here is to take his life! Hyo asks why and asks if he believes in this Raoh the savior nonsense he's heard about, but Jukei tells him it isn't anything to do with that. The man who crossed the sea wasn't Raoh, it was Kenshiro. And the only way for Hyo to remember Kenshiro would be if Jukei hit one of his pressure points to restore his memory. Hyo realises that Jukei was the one who took away his memories, as Jukei goes into a stance...


(North Star Death Armor)

Elsewhere Lin and Shachi come across a destroyed village with many dead bodies around, many villagers and several Shura have died here. Lin doesn't like it, but Shachi starts to laugh and says that this is just a taste of things to come. They then see a shadow in the distance and Shachi explains to Lin that it could only mean one thing...

...Kaioh is on the way! The first Rasho is riding on his horse called Hayabusamaru and sees the pair. He stops in front of them and seems to know who Shachi is, whilst asking him if the girl is Lin, the daughter of the Emperor. When he finds out that she is he makes her pass out just by touching her, and then takes her away with him. Before he departs, he tells Shachi to come to his castle later on, he can have whatever reward he desires. Shachi watches them leave, but just starts to laugh.

Lin is taken to Kaioh's domain and placed on a table. Kaioh sits on his throne as his demonic aura surrounds him. He says that his aura is burning all because of Kenshiro coming to the land of Shura.

Lin wakes up and listens to Kaioh mentioning that in the 4,000 year history of this land there have been other saviors, long before Raoh. Whenever the land was in danger, a savior would appear and destroy the evil threatening it. These men were always successors to the Hokuto Shinken style. But Hokuto Ryuuken, a style he is a master of, has been removed from history. People believe that the Hokuto Ryuuken style is something of great evil. However, Kaioh is determined to destroy the Hokuto Shinken style forever and he will be the ruler of Earth. He will create the world to his liking. And he then tells Lin that she shall witness the death of Hokuto Shinken!

Meanwhile, Hyo takes off his cape and accepts Jukei's challenge to fight him. The stance that Jukei went into means that he is ready to fight to the death. Hyo says that he is too old to be fighting and makes the first move be using a projectile. It misses as Jukei warps around it, but Hyo immediately turns around and punches Jukei. Jukei blocks it, but he is still sent crashing into a wall.

Jukei shows no signs of pain and calmly starts to walk towards Hyo. Hyo wants to know why his opponent isn't attacking him and finds out that Jukei simply wants to rectify what he did to Hyo's memories. Hyo attacks once more, but is stopped when Jukei begins to chant, and the technique he uses is enough to stop Hyo in his tracks.

Jukei's incantation has a purpose. Jukei explains that now Raoh is dead, nobody can defeat Kaioh. By using this spell, it is the only way to awaken the "sealed, true" form of Hokuto. Hyo asks what that is meant to mean and then thinks that Jukei not only wants to kill him, but he also intends to kill Kaioh and also completely destroy the Hokuto Ryuuken style!

Meanwhile Kenshiro is walking around trying to find where Hyo's palace is, but he keeps running into Shura who are desperate to kill him so they can become a Rasho and take over Han's position. A man in green who wields a mace attacks him, but his weapon is soon destroyed.

The Shura's name is Gamereo and he has a secret technique -his suit allows him to blend in with his surroundings. He activates the suit and covers his face with powder, and then rushes off to hide. Ken starts to walk forward again and goes past Gamereo. To most people nobody could tell where Gamereo was, but Kenshiro picks him out straight away and tells him he needs to get better at hiding himself. Before he can do that though, Ken hits a pressure point on his head.

To further humiliate him Ken stands on his head and then asks where Hyo's palace is. Gamereo tells him that it is to the east, but to the west...to the west...well, he doesn't get to reveal what is to the west as he explodes. Ken is about to continue on when he notices Shachi.

Shachi says that he doesn't care for his father, so he didn't go back to him when he had the chance. He still intends to rule in this land. He then tells Kenshiro that Lin is also still here and she has been taken by Kaioh! If he wants to get her back, he should head west to where Kaioh is. He then runs off whilst laughing, as Kenshiro has to make a choice on who he must face: Hyo, the man who killed Rock? Or Kaioh, the man who has Lin?


Kenshiro makes the wrong choice. Next time on Hokuto no Ken 2: "The Seal of the Devil! The 2000-Year-Old Tragedy of the Hokuto Soukei Family Is Told!!"

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