Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 32
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A Challenge From Kenshiro! I Never Lose Twice!!
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Gyoko goes on a search for Kenshiro, whilst Kaioh and Hyo have a funeral for Sayaka.
Original broadcast date: November 26th 1987

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2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Hyo gets to Kaioh's palace, but is devastated to find out that Sayaka has been killed. Kaioh lies and tells him that Kenshiro is the one who killed her, which angers Hyo. Meanwhile, an obese Shura called Gyoko is out looking for Kenshiro, as he wants to defeat him to become the new third Rasho. He sees him and tries to run him down in his train, but Ken stops it with just two of his fingers.

Ken beats up Gyoko and tells him to give Kaioh a message: he never loses twice. Kaioh is holding a funeral service for Sayaka. Hyo thanks Kaioh for his kindness during this time, and passes him a pendant Sayaka gave him. Kaioh raises his fist and thanks the Gods that even though their time together was short, Sayaka was happy with her life with Hyo. Gyoko's train then crashes through a wall, but Kaioh stops it. Gyoko waddles out and is berated by Kaioh for interrupting the funeral and entering this sacred place. Gyoko says that he has an important message for him: Kenshiro will not be beaten a second time. Hyo is the one to react to this one though as his matouki (demon aura) begins to show!

He kills Gyoko and storms out. Kaioh is pleased that Hyo has become a demon like him. He then looks at the pendant before throwing it to the floor and crushing it. Kenshiro and Hyo, of Hokuto Soukei, will fight and destroy each other. He will then be supreme.

In the manga...

-The scene where Hyo finds out that Sayaka has died happens before Kenshiro revives in the manga. The anime has this the other way around.

-In the manga, the funeral scenes take place before Gyoko appears, Hyo and Kaioh never meet him. The anime changed this and added an extra part to the last funeral scene where Gyoko enters and gives Kaioh the message, only to be killed by Hyo.

-In the manga, Gyoko never crashes though a village in his train. He instead finds where Ken is and brings the train to a stop (Kenshiro doesn't stop it) and then gets himself out and his troops to go and fight him.

-Gyoko goes to fight Ken straight away in the manga, his troops aren't sent in first, which is what happens in the anime.

-Ken still has his bandages on when he fights Gyoko, whilst in the anime, he has his jacket back.

-Kenshiro slices Gyoko's arms off in the manga, then uppercuts him so he lands on one of his train's spikes, then he dies. He tells Gyoko's men to go back to Kaioh and tell him that he won't be defeated twice. The anime changes this so Ken hits pressure points on him, and then tells him to go and give Kaioh the message himself.


-When Ken and Shachi start to walk off, Ken's arm band and bandage swap colors for a few frames.

-There are several points throughout the episode where Gyoko is missing the pink paint around his eyes.

-Ken has apparently lost Ein's glove, but at one point he has it on when he fights Gyoko's troops.

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