Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 33
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The Ruthless Hyo and His Sad Army! Who Will Stop Him!!
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Nagato goes to confront Hyo.
Original broadcast date: December 3rd 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
3) Errors


Nagato and some of Hyo's most loyal troops watch as their leader attacks a village, destroying anything that gets in his way. They are not happy with how Hyo has become Kaioh's second in command, as they had been hoping he would one day defeat Kaioh and be Shura's savior. It seems that day will never happen now. The next morning, Nagato happens to find Kenshiro and Shachi, with the latter in pain due to the wounds he got from when Kaioh attacked him. Nagato takes them back to his village, where Shachi can rest. Nagato tells his father that he has to go now. He wants to tell Hyo how he feels and how he is unhappy with how he has changed. He may never come back, so he asks for his father to look after the family if he is killed.

Nagato and four troops find Hyo and tell them how they feel. Hyo doesn't care about what they have to say and kills the four men without hesitation. When Nagato tries to attack him, Hyo casually cuts him in half and kills him, saying that no-one will find any tears from him.

Hyo later has part of his army go to Nagato's village and destroy it. Kenshiro and Shachi arrive and are able to save Nagato's father and children, but many villagers have been killed and the village is mostly on fire. Ken gets up and starts to walk away. Shachi asks if he is going to go and find Hyo and finds out that he is. Shachi knows something Kenshiro doesn't -that Hyo is Ken's real brother. He thinks on whether or not he should tell Ken this, as if he told him, would he really be able to defeat his own brother? There is only one way to find out and Shachi tells Kenshiro that he cannot fight Hyo, because Hyo is his brother! Kenshiro is stunned at this revelation, but isn't fazed by it for long. After getting over it he continues on. He tells Shachi that if this is the case, then it is even more the reason for him to defeat Hyo!

In the manga...

-Whilst Nagato has made appearances in previous episodes of the anime, when he appears before Hyo is the first time he appears in the manga.

-The opening scene in this episode, where Nagato has a flashback, was not in the manga.

-The scene where Shachi suffers from his injuries was not in the manga. In the manga, he and Kenshiro just happen to find Nagato's village when it is under attack, but in the anime, they are taken to it before that happens so Shachi can rest.

-Nagato wears a cape in the manga, which he doesn't have in the anime.

-Hyo decapitates Nagato in the manga, whilst in the anime, he cuts him in half.

-Nagato's father was never in the manga.

-Yomu dies in the manga, but he survives in the anime.


-Nagato is missing his mustache in one shot of him talking to Hyo whilst kneeling.

-How did Shachi know that Hyo was Kenshiro's brother? In the manga, he find out he is from Leia. However the scene where this happens never made it into the anime, so Shachi shouldn't have any idea about Hyo and Kenshiro beings brothers.
I guess it could be possible Jukei had told him at some point in the past, but it just smacks of a plot-hole to me.

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