Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 34
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A Match Between Brothers of Flesh and Blood! There Are No More Tears in Hyo's Eyes!!
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Kuroyasha fights Hyo, but it is up to Kenshiro to stop his brother.
Original broadcast date: December 10th 1987

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2) In the manga...


Some villagers are forced to drain a river. When they do, a building is revealed, and Hyo heads inside it. He wonders if the objects inside it are meant to be graves of his predecessors. However he doesn't think much of them, as they never got to shine brightly thanks to Hokuto Shinken being seen as the superior style. Hyo means to change that and says that this is the perfect place for Kenshiro's death. Kenshiro and Shachi soon learn of what Hyo has done and also go there. Kenshiro soon confronts Hyo.

However, Kuroyasha appears, introducing himself to Kenshiro. When Kenshiro was just a baby, Kuroyasha used to care for him. He sees that Hyo seems to have totally been consumed by his matouki which means he must fulfill a promise he made to Jukei -he will take Hyo's life! He tries a technique called Yushou Seibu (Rising Fearsome Dance) which lets him circle around Hyo rapidly, before striking at him. However, Hyo manages to counter it and cuts off one of Kuroyasha's arms. Kuroyasha then gets blasted into a pillar before Hyo's matouki takes control of the fight. He uses it to pick Kuroyasha up and hold him in the air, as Hyo goes to hit all 1,109 of his pressure points at the same time!

Kenshiro then enters the fight, saving Kuroyasha. Hyo uses his matouki to distort the space around Kenshiro, just like he did with Kuroyasha. Ken failed to counter this when Kaioh did it to him and so Hyo readies another projectile blast to kill him with. But Kenshiro protects himself from the attack and manages to position himself! Kuroyasha is watching and says that the technique Hyo used creates a frictionless force around the opponent. But now, Kenshiro has managed to overcome it and he must have learnt how to deal with it after his fight with Kaioh. Kenshiro has done this by spinning himself in zero gravity, and used the centrifugal force to secure his position. Hyo is surprised, as nobody has been able to counter it before. Kenshiro says the time has come for him to silence the demon within Hyo.

In the manga...

-Two workers are killed via decapitation in the manga. The anime does not have this happen, and one of the people shown in the guillotine is saved.

-In the manga, Kuroyasha starts to fight Hyo before Kenshiro and Shachi show up. Hyo easily beats him and blasts him straight through a pillar, but when Kenshiro arrives, it turns out this was an illusion, as Kuroyasha was suffered no injury. This does not happen in the anime and the two don't start to fight until Kenshiro and Shachi are there.

-This is the point in the manga where Kuroyasha first appears -the anime introduced him earlier, where he helps Shachi defeat some Shura.

-The scene with Kaioh in this episode does not happen in the manga.

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