Hokuto no Ken 2 Episode 35
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Hokuto in Danger of Extinction! Kaioh's Evil Hand has Reached the Daughter of the Emperor!!
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As the fight between Kenshiro and Hyo continues, Kaioh revels one of his secrets to Lin.
Original broadcast date: December 17th 1987

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The battle between Kenshiro and Hyo continues. Hyo is surprised when Ken manages to hit a pressure point on his arm without him noticing the hit happen, and admits that his opponent is strong. They continue to fight.

Meanwhile, Kaioh talks to Lin. He says that the time will come soon for Hokuto Soukei to vanish from the Earth, and it also means he doesn't have to wear his helmet any more. As he takes if off, Lin as taken aback when she sees that Kaioh looks a lot like Raoh! Kaioh says he thought she would think he looked familiar, but he believes he is superior to Raoh. The reason he resembles him is because he is Raoh's older brother! Kaioh says that his brother was a fool who believe in foolish things like love, and that was why he turned out to be a loser who died. Lin says that Raoh would have beaten him in a fight, as it was his emotions that made him stronger but Kaioh laughs at her reasoning. He reveals to her that he was the one who sealed Hyo's memories away, not Jukei. With his knowledge of Hokuto Soukei locked away in his mind, Hyo is no longer a threat to him.

Kenshiro seems to have the upper hand in the fight, landing several hits on Hyo. Hyo looks into Ken's eyes and thinks that he doesn't look like the type of man who kills innocent women, so why did he kill Sayaka? It doesn't seem like he is an evil person at all, why would he kill her? As Hyo thinks about this more and more the scar on his head suddenly burns brightly and he screams, putting his hands to his head. A blue aura comes out of him and Kuroyasha says that the essence of Hokuto Soukei must have been within Hyo's body! Meanwhile Lin is thrown onto a bed. Kaioh says again that Kenshiro and Hyo will destroy each other, leaving him to rule. He then reminds Lin of what he wants her for -to bear his children. She is perfect to become his bride, and will be the one he will impregnate. The child will mark the start of the new century. A terrified Lin can only watch as Kaioh moves closer towards her.

In the manga...

-This episode follows the manga almost identically, but Ken and Hyo use more moves against each other in the anime, and the flashback scene with Kaioh, Hyo and Jukei isn't shown until later on in the manga.

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